Temporary Buildings

With over 40 years of experience in the temporary building industry, there are not many temporary building applications that Spaciotempo hasn’t come across. If you are looking for a temporary industrial building, we can accommodate a wide range of temporary building uses across many sectors.

We provide solutions for the following sectors:


Industrial and Manufacturing

Spaciotempo provides temporary industrial buildings across the Manufacturing and Industrial sectors. Whatever your industrial application, we can work with you to expand or contract your working space in line with demand and market conditions. We have temporary industrial storage and warehousing for sale or hire, as off-the-shelf standard sized buildings, or bespoke temporary buildings, with a wide range of optional extras available for flooring, walling, doors and other ancillaries.



Spaciotempo’s bespoke, made-to-measure temporary Retail facilities provide a professionally finished environment for your business operations to continue unaffected during planned refurbishment works or unforeseen disasters, such as floods or fires. Our temporary retail buildings have been used for everything from temporary shops and supermarkets to temporary garden centres. The interior and exterior of our temporary structures can be branded to suit your retail purposes and are quick to install.


Sport and Leisure

Spaciotempo temporary Sport and Leisure facilities include gyms, sports halls and even temporary swimming pools. Available either as a fully enclosed sports building or a highly durable frame and translucent roofing membrane, we have the right solution for every application. Our temporary sports buildings offer the ideal solution for schools, colleges and universities; either where demand is larger than the capacity of current facilities or during the redevelopment of existing facilities.


Logistics and Transport

 Spaciotempo can offer you the ultimate in temporary Transport and Logistics solutions. By tailoring the side heights of the temporary building or canopy, we can ensure they accommodate even the largest of agricultural heavy goods vehicles. Our modular buildings can also be linked together, ensuring whole fleets can use the facility at any one time. Walls can also be removed to create a fully retractable loading bay canopy – keeping vehicles under cover.



A Spaciotempo temporary school building can provide a durable, flexible and cost effective solution to your school’s facilities needs. Offering schools and colleges the chance to extend existing facilities to accommodate increased temporary exam halls or classroom facilities, without disrupting the school’s curriculum.

Car Showroom

Car Showrooms

If you require a temporary car showroom while your existing permanent facility undergoes redevelopment or refurbishment, Spaciotempo temporary Car Showrooms provide a brilliant solution. They are also ideal if you’re looking for extra space for vehicle displays, new car launches, promotional campaigns or servicing bays. Both the exterior and interior of our temporary car showrooms can be personalised to fit your company’s branding. Quick to install, a Spaciotempo temporary car showroom can also be fitted with bespoke features including lighting, temperature and humidity to suit the nature of the cars being stored and presented.

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