Temporary Buildings

With over 40 years of experience in the temporary building industry, there are not many temporary building applications that Spaciotempo hasn’t come across. If you are looking for a temporary industrial building, we can accommodate a wide range of temporary building uses across many sectors.

Our temporary industrial buildings are used for production, maintenance and manufacturing facilities, in order to facilitate expanded working spaces. All temporary buildings can be made bespoke, to meet your application requirements exactly. This is especially useful for retail applications, where the building can be made to meet the requirements of your brand.

Our temporary buildings for logistics are innovative, cost-effective and scalable. Often used for airports, ports and loading canopies, Spaciotempo can provide a full logistical solution. Whether you wish to buy a temporary building or rent one for short-term purposes, Spaciotempo has the ideal product for you. Many of our temporary buildings are also used for education and sport purposes, during times of refurbishment.

Spaciotempo provides temporary industrial buildings across the industrial sectors for production, maintenance and manufacturing facilities, no matter your application.

Spaciotempo offer a range of our temporary warehouse buildings are used to help expand your business, provide a temporary production facility or extra storage facility. Our range of retail temporary buildings can be used for car showrooms, garden centres or temporary retail stores.

Spaciotempo can offer you the ultimate in temporary buildings for logistics purposes. We can accommodate even the largest of agricultural heavy goods vehicles.

Spaciotempo’s bespoke, made-to-measure temporary retail buildings provide a professionally finished environment for your business operations.

Spaciotempo temporary sports buildings include gyms, sports halls and even temporary swimming pools. Ideal during periods of renovation, our temporary sport and leisure buildings can be made bespoke to meet your requirements.

We offer temporary buildings for schools to accommodate increased temporary exam halls or classroom facilities, without disrupting the school’s curriculum. Our temporary school buildings are also used in situations where maintenance has to be carried out on the permanent structure.

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