Temporary Maintenance Facilities

When temporary maintenance facilities are required for servicing and maintenance purposes – be it for cars, trucks, trains or aeroplanes, Spaciotempo’s temporary transport or maintenance buildings provide a flexible and effective solution.  Our temporary maintenance buildings can be constructed over fixed or static equipment such as rail tracks, conveyors or other heavy industrial apparatus.

When would you need a Temporary Maintenance Building?

At Spaciotempo, we offer temporary maintenance buildings for all circumstances. It might be that your company travels to various locations, or maybe you are in the process of implementing a new building and need a quick, temporary solution. Below, are some of the following reasons for why people need temporary maintenance facilities:

  • Temporary emergency services bays (e.g. temporary fire station)
  • Temporary train stations
  • Temporary car maintenance
  • Temporary aeroplane maintenance
  • Temporary truck maintenance
  • Maintenance facilities for industrial products

What is Included in Spaciotempo’s Maintenance Facilities?

Firstly, to create functional temporary maintenance facilities for vehicle servicing, service bays can be created by placing automatic doors into each wall bay.  Alternatively, the ends of buildings can be left open to allow access for trains or small aircraft to pass through.

Spaciotempo can supply temporary maintenance facilities on a small or large scale depending on your specific requirements.  We also offer retractable and movable temporary warehouses which can be made to the size you require, if expansion is required, Spaciotempo can alter the size of your temporary maintenance buildings.

Our temporary maintenance buildings, would be ideal as a fulfilment or packaging area for industrial products as workers would have the ability to work over night with our superior lighting options. Whether you are looking for a temporary option or a more permanent overflow storage structure our maintenance buildings and warehouse canopy’s could be the solution.

Sizes and Alterations of our Maintenance Buildings

Our temporary structures could be the perfect replacement for public transport stations due to the comforting factors that pedestrians would expect in a public transport station. Our temporary transport buildings can be applied with floors, temperature control, insulation, windows and artificial lighting, giving you the means to create a replica of your original transport station.

Spaciotempo intend to make anything possible, which is why we have the option to attach temporary buildings together, ensuring that whole companies can use the temporary maintenance buildings at the same time. According to how much space you require, we are able to tailor the side heights of your temporary maintenance building. Our retractable canopy structures are perfect to replace loading bay’s as we offer temporary maintenance buildings in a tunnel shape. The retractable loading and storage structure available, are 100% weather-proof, meaning so that company’ do not have to worry about protecting goods inside the structure.

Why Choose Spaciotmpo for your Temporary Maintenance Building?

Spaciotempo have a record of happy customers as the 40 years of experience gained in this is a huge benefit in this field.  In situations where we are faced with the unpredictable British weather it is vital that your temporary maintenance building is in the hands of a company with the industrial expertise to overcome detrimental situations.  Furthermore, the time aspect is one that must be prioritised in the case of an emergency which Spaciotempo have an excellent record of.

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