Loading Bay & Storage Canopies

Spaciotempo offers bespoke canopy storage and loading canopy options to suit all your operational and logistics requirements. Available in a range of widths and heights, our loading and storage canopies can be used to create a weather-proof loading bay canopy to protect your goods and staff during loading operations. Alternatively, our canopy storage can be used as high quality overflow storage when your regular storage facilities are at full capacity.

Spaciotempo’s loading canopies and canopy storage structures are made of anodised aluminium structural arches that are connected by galvanised steel pantographs. Each arch is equipped with two nylon wheels which run along a sunken lift proof track, ensuring the tunnel remains firmly secured to the ground. Smaller, lighter retractable tunnels can be equipped with rubber wheels without the lift proof track as a more cost-effective option.

Temporary Storage

When space on site is limited and demand for storage fluctuates depending on when stock is delivered or collected, our canopy storage provides a great solution for short-term temporary storage or overflow storage.

Extend or Retract

Your loading canopy can be extended to offer protection for stock until it is collected or moved elsewhere. And when it is no longer required, it can be retracted out of the way, to a minimum of 25cm.

Weather Protection

A loading bay canopy, offers weather protection for stock and personnel during loading operations and if required a retractable tunnel can be used and retracted out of the way as soon as loading or unloading is completed.

Range of Sizes

Spaciotempo’s canopy storage is available in widths from 1-12m and heights from 2-4m, provided as much or as little temporary storage or loading space as you are likely to need on site.

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