Spaciotempo runs a reliable and highly competent temporary building service for the transport industry. We can supply fully insulated temporary buildings, offering comfort to your employees and visitors. Or we can also design and manufacture retractable and movable temporary warehouse canopies, on small or large scales, for critical freight loading areas. When demand increases, Spaciotempo can give you the capacity to expand as the need arises.

Flexible Insulated Temporary Structures

Our insulated temporary structures, when equipped with floors, windows, temperature control and artificial lighting, can provide the ideal solution for public transport facilities if permanent buildings are temporarily out of use. Or, they can act as perfect fulfilment or packing areas for the logistics industry, promising round-the-clock operations thanks to our superior lighting options.

Scalable and Modular Temporary Warehouse Canopies

By tailoring the side heights of your retractable temporary warehouse canopy, we can ensure they can accommodate the largest of agricultural heavy goods vehicles. Our modular, moveable buildings can also be linked together; ensuring whole fleets can use the facility at any one time.

Retractable canopy storage and loading bay canopies

Spaciotempo also offers bespoke canopy storage and loading bay canopies in the form of retractable tunnels made from anodised aluminium structural arches and connected by galvanised steel pantographs.

Available in a range of widths and heights, our retractable loading and storage canopies can be used to create a weather-proof loading bay canopy to protect your goods and staff during loading operations. Or, they can be used as overflow storage for when your regular storage facilities are at capacity.

Industrial experience and expertise

When you buy in to a temporary transport and logistics solution from Spaciotempo, you’ll not only receive a high quality, durable and flexible temporary structure (that meets snow and wind loading British Safety Standards). You’ll also benefit from our vast experience, built on more than 40 years of working with the industrial sector.

That means that we have provided a vast array of temporary transport configurations, to many satisfied customers over the years. We are more than happy to visit your site, as quickly and as frequently as you need, to collaborate on a temporary structure design that does everything that you desire and more.

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