Temporary Garden Centres

Are you planning on refurbishing your garden centre? Well, Spaciotempo can help. We provide temporary building solutions for a range of businesses across a variety of sectors, including temporary stores and garden centres. We understand that businesses can not afford to stop trading, so our structures enable you to provide a fully working temporary store to your valued customers. We can help your business to grow with a Spaciotempo temporary garden store.

Why choose Spaciotempo for your temporary garden centre?

We can install temporary garden centres that are ideal for creating a comfortable environment for your customers. Over the years, we have made a variety of temporary garden stores for a range of clients, all with differing needs. Due to our 40+ years of experience, we can create your temporary retail space in a short space of time, depending on your requirements. Our temporary retail solutions allow you to run your business as usual and provide your customers with a service and environment that they are familiar with. Our temporary garden stores can also be constructed with ambient conditions in mind to ensure a healthy environment for your plants.

We provided award-winning garden centre, Bents, with a 300sqm structure, finished with a double-skinned thermo roof and uPVC wall panels. This was used as storage space that was essential to store gift items, compost and garden furniture.

Features of your temporary garden store

You can personalise your temporary garden centre with various bespoke features, including:

  • Lighting
  • Temperature
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Roofing
  • Extra rooms to add to customer experience

These are just a few of the customisable features that can be installed with your temporary garden centre. Whether you are looking for a short-term replacement or a more permanent fix, Spaciotempo has the perfect garden centre for you. We can even add in a coffee shop for your customers to relax in to ensure the ultimate consumer experience.

Personalise your temporary garden centre

Our temporary garden stores can be made to look very similar to your original building by adding personalised touches, such as incorporating your brand to the interior and exterior. We can also install various rooms, from offices, to warehouses through to customer coffee rooms. Some of the optional, bespoke features that we have previously developed include:

  • Staff and customer toilets
  • Cash offices
  • Canteens
  • Kitchen areas

These are just some examples of the additional features and fittings that can be incorporated into your temporary garden store, although we are more than happy to listen to any other suggestions.

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