Customers in the sports, activity and leisure fields can increase their active season, accommodate more participants and create more profitable use of outdoor facilities by using temporary leisure facilities from Spaciotempo, suitable for semi-permanent applications.

They offer the ideal solution in schools, colleges and universities – either where demand is larger than the capacity of current facilities or during the redevelopment of existing facilities. Our temporary leisure facilities have been used for everything form temporary sports halls, to temporary gyms, temporary swimming pools, temporary boxing gyms and temporary tennis courts.

Available either as a fully enclosed modular sports building, or simply a highly durable frame and translucent roofing membrane to create a simple but effective canopy to your facility, we have the right temporary solution for every application.

For enclosed sports buildings, an array of specialist optional extras include:

  • Lighting
  • Flooring
  • Internal and external walling
  • Temperature enhancement systems

Our experience includes a vast array of applications such as:

Multi-use Sports Hall Building

A multi-use sports hall from Spaciotempo can help you to create the perfect environment, so the players and coaches participating at your facilities can achieve their sporting aspirations.

From a basic canopy, through to fully walled structures, we can quickly and easily turn an outdoor facility into a fully functional temporary sports hall, enabling leisure clubs to enjoy peak season profits 12 months a year, and training programmes to continue uninterrupted throughout the winter months.

Temporary Gym

Do you need a temporary gym, or a temporary building for a sporting or education application that we have not listed? Do not worry…our temporary buildings can be used for every imaginable activity.

In 2013, we supplied a temporary gym studio to Real Bodies gym, helping them to drastically increase the number of classes and volume of participants for classes such as aerobics and zumba. In 2012, we worked with Bradford Boxing College to deliver a temporary boxing gym, which has in fact been erected for permanent use. The boxing college now run all of their training within these facilities.

Both of these temporary leisure buildings provide our customers with an ideal environment for them to deliver their services. The temporary buildings can be installed with specialist sports flooring, heating and cooling systems, and fitted with break out areas for changing rooms and office facilities.

Temporary Swimming Pool

We can help you to create the perfect temporary swimming pool. From a basic canopy, through to fully walled structures, we can quickly and easily create an authentic swimming pool environment during refurbishment works on existing facilities.

What you get with a Spaciotempo Temporary Leisure Building:

Translucent Roofing

Allows a large amount of natural light, giving a more natural playing environment during daylight hours, plus reducing running costs and energy consumption.

Insulated UPVC Walling

Another system we have in place within our temporary leisure buildings ensures the optimum temperature is maintained throughout the building.


General house lighting or specialist lighting for sports can be specified.

Thermo Roofs

Our temporary leisure facilities offer a thermo roof system which enables much easier temperature control, keeping the hall warm or cool – whatever is desired.

Flush Fitted Internal Solid Walls

In order to provide a permanent look and feel within your temporary leisure structure, we can install high quality fitted internal solid walls that can be branded or marked up for sports.

  • High profile, sports floors
  • Heating systems
  • Ventilation systems
  • High profile windows
  • Secure, lockable doors

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