Temporary Sports Hall

At Spaciotempo we provide temporary buildings for many circumstances, including facilities for leisure and sport. Circumstances beyond your control can mean you may require temporary structures, as either a permanent or provisional solution. Sometimes a temporary sports hall is needed immediately, which is why we ensure fast turn-around times from initial enquiry to the completion of construction. There are a variety of temporary leisure facilities available at Spaciotempo, including temporary gyms, temporary swimming pools and our first class modular sports halls.

Temporary sports hall

Spaciotempo’s temporary sports halls are perfectly suited to turn any outside space into a fully functional indoor sports building, offering the perfect environment for both coaches and players alike, especially during winter months. Available as either a canopy or fully walled structure, they are lightweight and can be reused if necessary, making them the most versatile option when it comes to developing temporary sports facilities.

Why choose a modular sports hall from Spaciotempo?

At Spaciotempo, we pride ourselves on efficient and personalised delivery. We want to make sure you receive the temporary sports building that is most suited to your needs. We understand that you may need your temporary structure straight away, which is why we offer all our clients a fast turnaround service.
Your fully functional modular sports hall will be ready for you to start using straight away and bespoke features can also be added to your modular sports building if required.
Here are some of the optional features we can offer with our multi use sports halls:

  • High profile, sports floors
  • Heating Systems
  • Ventilation Systems
  • High Profile Windows
  • Secure, lockable doors

Features of a Spaciotempo indoor sports building

Common options available on a Spaciotempo indoor sports building include the following:

Thermo Roofs

Our optional thermo roofs allow you to keep the room hot or cold, as temperature control is made easier. Thermo roofs are also translucent, allowing a large amount of natural light into our temporary sports buildings. This gives players a more natural environment when taking part in sport, especially during daylight hours, as well as reducing running costs and energy consumption.

Insulated UPVC Walling

Insulated UPVC walling can also help to improve temperature control. This type of walling retains heat, allowing the optimum temperature for any sports environment.


Either house lighting or specialist lighting can be used in the modular sports building, depending on individual requirements.

Flush Fitted Internal Solid Walls

This feature is perfect for those who are looking for a long-term indoor sports building. High quality fitted internal solid walls can be installed, which will provide a permanent look and feel within the sports hall.

Contact Spaciotempo today

If you require more information about our modular sports buildings, then please contact us today and we will be able to advise you on the products we have available that will suit your needs.