Temporary Swimming Pool

If you require a temporary pool environment, during building or construction work on your existing sports facilities, Spaciotempo has the perfect solution. Our temporary swimming pool buildings allow minimal disruption to be caused to your daily routine by providing a high quality temporary building solution until current construction work is finished.

The benefits of a Spaciotempo temporary swimming pool building

Spaciotempo temporary swimming pool buildings are built to provide the optimum swimming environment. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service skills, providing a fast and efficient package, from start to finish, whether it is for a temporary swimming pool or another temporary solution such as a sports hall or temporary gym. We are adept at fast turnarounds, meaning we could have a site visit booked within 24 hours of your initial inquiry.
Our temporary swimming pools are fully customisable, with an array of bespoke features including:

  • Changing room facilities
  • Specialist non-slip flooring
  • Lighting
  • Heating and ventilation systems
  • High profile windows and secure lockable doors

We also have a variety of buildings available, from a basic temporary swimming pool canopy through to a fully walled structure, allowing you to choose the building most suitable for you.

Features of a Spaciotempo temporary swimming pool

Common options available on a Spaciotempo temporary swimming pool include the following:

Thermo Roofs

Your temporary swimming pool can be equipped with a thermo roof, making temperature control much easier. Our double PVC skin thermo roofs, which are inflated by a roof pump, are designed to help keep the building warm in winter and cool in summer, helping you reach optimum temperature within your temporary swimming pool, as well as preventing condensation and snow settling.

Our thermo roofs are also translucent, allowing a large amount of natural light into your temporary swimming pool building. This can provide a more authentic environment, especially during the day. The addition of daylight also means energy consumption and running costs are reduced, therefore making it cost-efficient and eco-friendly to run.

Insulated UPVC Walling

Insulated UPVC walling is another method of temperature control. The insulated walls make it easier to retain heat throughout the building, making climate control straightforward and cost effective.

Flush Fitted Internal Solid Walls

Solid walls provide a more permanent look and feel to your temporary swimming pool. It is possible to install high quality fitted internal solid walls that could have a variety of purposes.

Contact Spaciotempo today

If you require a temporary swimming pool, please contact us today and we will be able to assist you in finding a temporary swimming pool building that is perfect for your needs.