Temporary Gym

Spaciotempo temporary gyms are extremely popular in the sport and leisure sector. We have previously supplied temporary gym buildings to businesses such as Real Bodies gym, in order to help them increase the size and number of their exercise classes. Bradford Boxing College also doubled the number of boxers training at their facility thanks to one of our modular gyms. A Spaciotempo temporary gym could help you to boost participation at your facility too. Spaciotempo can also supply temporary sports halls or temporary swimming pools.

Why choose a temporary gym building from Spaciotempo?

At Spaciotempo, we are experienced in turning build projects around quickly and efficiently, meaning a site visit could be booked within 24 hours of placing your initial enquiry. Our temporary gyms are fully functional and ready to use, meaning you can resume your classes or training sessions immediately – perfect if you are worried about losing out on revenue. Temporary gym buildings are a versatile alternative to permanent structures, as they can be reused or relocated if necessary.

Features of a Spaciotempo modular gym

Common options available on a Spaciotempo modular gym include the following:

Specialist Sports Flooring

Specialist sports flooring can be a great option if you are planning on using your temporary gym building for a specialist sport, such as netball or boxing. The markings on our specialist flooring make it easier for both training purposes and competitions. Specialist sports flooring can still be useful if you plan to use your structure as a general modular gym due to its slip resistance.

Heating and Cooling System

Optional heating and Cooling systems allow you to reach the optimum temperature in your temporary gym easily and cost efficiently. Spaciotempo has been recognised as being an eco-friendly temporary building specialist. Therefore, our temporary gyms are not only affordable to rent or buy, but also greener to run than a permanent building.

Break Out Areas

Break out areas can also be installed, depending on your personal preference. While some use break out areas as changing room or office areas, another option could be as a first aid room. The versatility with Spaciotempo temporary gym buildings allows you to mould your break out area to your requirements.

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