Chilled Storage

Spaciotempo’s Temporary Buildings can be used as temporary chilled storage buildings.

Insulated Walls

All of our temporary buildings can be fitted with insulated walls to maintain the internal temperature. The walls are made of steel clad sandwich panels filled with 40mm or 60mm of insulation. These sandwich panels provide precision temperature control.

Insulated Roof

Our unique ‘thermo’ roof is manufactured as a PVC polyester membrane envelope which is inflated with a low-pressure automatic pump. It reduces heat loss or gain to your temporary storage building, and shields against settling snow. By minimising condensation and controlling temperature this type of climate controlled temporary building is ideal for the storage of more sensitive goods.

Cooling Systems

Cooling is an integral part of our industry and is one of the many services that we are able to offer for use within our buildings. We have installed cooling systems for temporary supermarkets as well as food and drink storage, creating a very effective cold storage facility. We can provide you with a flexible, efficient and cost effective temporary building solution that meets all of your cooling needs, including temperature control for ready meal production, cooling of products prior to packing, food preparation, cooling of production areas and chilled warehouses. Our climate controlled temporary buildings are suitable for short term emergency hire or for sale if you require longer term usage. We will work closely with you to provide the solution that best meets your climate control requirements, whatever your business.

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