Temporary Buildings for Schools

Our temporary buildings for schools have a variety of uses. We have an array of custom-built semi-permanent structures designed for educational purposes. A teaching building is an integral part of the learning environment and we understand the need for continuity and routine. Sometimes factors beyond control, such as refurbishment or building works, can cause disruption. However, with our temporary buildings the school’s curriculum can continue unaffected during the refurbishment of existing facilities or site redevelopment.

Spaciotempo’s modular classrooms are available in a variety of temporary structures, from a basic canopy to a fully walled building, and are all extremely versatile. Our modular classroom buildings are available as either a permanent or temporary structure and can be reused or redefined for further use.

With a Spaciotempo temporary school structure, you can opt for an unimpeded apex height of up to 13.177m on an 8m eave and, with no cross bracing across the eave, this makes Spaciotempo’s temporary school buildings perfect for playing sport. Spaciotempo’s modular school buildings provide a highly durable, flexible and cost-effective solution to your school’s building needs. Depending on budget, Spaciotempo can offer purchase, hire and even operating lease options, which can make new facilities much more affordable.