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Temporary Garden Centres

By 13 February 2017September 5th, 2017Retail

At Spaciotempo, we provide temporary solutions for your business needs. Whether that’s additional space to meet seasonal demands, or if you need to close your current space for refurbishment or repairs; we can provide the perfect temporary garden centre.

Garden Centre

If you need extra space at your garden centre, we can help! Spaciotempo has the perfect solution to your logistical requirements. We can add temporary structures on-site at your current garden centre to provide extra retail space, storage or warehousing.

Our garden centre space can last up to 25 years. So if you don’t want to invest in a permanent building, we have an attractive and cost-efficient alternative. Even though after 28 days you will require planning permission for this space, we will help you with the planning process and liaise with specialist town planning partners on your behalf.

Temporary Building Structures

Is your garden centre in need of a refurbishment? Are you worried what will happen while your business is closed for renovation? With the cost of giving your current garden centre a revamp, it can be an unwanted additional cost to lose out on sales for the time it takes to reopen. With Spaciotempo’s temporary structures, this worry is a thing of the past!

At Spaciotempo you can hire a temporary building that replicates not only just a garden centre, but more importantly your garden centre. We can personalise both the exterior and interior of your temporary garden centre, so that it fits with your company’s branding and your portfolio of products.

With our quick-to-install spaces, you can have your garden centre space in no time. If your plants require certain conditions to flourish, fear not. We can build your bespoke temporary space to lighting and humidity settings that satisfy the nature of your plants and products that you need to store.

If your temporary garden centre requires office space, a coffee shop for customers, or extra storage room (such as a stock room), we can easily add any of these features to suit your requirements and ensure the space we provide fits all your needs.

For more information about our temporary garden centre space at Spaciotempo, please contact us – we would love to hear from you.

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