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Temporary harbour structure keeps Port of Felixstowe logistics afloat

By 4 October 2016September 8th, 2017Logistics & Transport

Throughout the year, over 3000 ships arrive at Port of Felixstowe, making it the biggest container port in Britain and one of the largest in Europe. Port of Felixstowe has around 30 shipping lines, offering over 90 services to ports around the world. Spaciotempo provided Port of Felixstowe with a temporary harbour structure to enable goods to be unloaded from multiple individual shipping containers simultaneously.

Port of Felixstowe were having a brand new, permanent structure built in order to cope with the demanding volume of traffic. While they were in the process of having the structure built, the Port required a temporary structure to allow goods to be unloaded from shipping contains and stored in a suitable facility. Spaciotempo provided a typically effective solution of logistics for Port of Felixstowe’s scenario.

Spaciotempo port modular structure

We supplied Port of Felixstowe with a 25m x 25m temporary harbour structure on a 5m eave. This was linked to five retractable tunnels, each 3m in length, which provided an incredibly versatile, protective port modular structure. The five integrated tunnels, which could work as a whole or independently, provided maximum storage capacity. Spaciotempo effectively provided Port of Felixstowe with a protective storage facility, which was perfect for their needs.

Bespoke temporary harbour structure

Scott Jameson, Spaciotempo’s Managing Director, explains: “Port of Felixstowe had very specific project requirements, we came up with a detailed, bespoke solution that’s ideal for their needs. Because Spaciotempo’s aluminium structures do not require groundworks, we were able to install both the main building and the tunnels that lead into it, very quickly. They will stay in place while the port is modifying its current facilities, enabling a seamless transition from a temporary to permanent for our customer.”

Port relocatable building specifications

This particular port relocatable building was erected in a very short space of time. Here are the exact specifications of this innovative temporary harbour structure:

  • 25m x 25m (5 x 5m bays): Total area- 625m squared; 9.232m ridge height.
  • 5 retractable tunnels – extended length 3.0m, retracted length 44cm, height 3.52m.
  • uPVC cavity wall system.
  • Double skinned thermos insulated roof and roller shutter doors.
  • Frame: hard pressed, 4 groove aluminium box profile – snow loading BS6399 and wind loading BS6399, equivalent to permanent buildings.
  • Roof and Gables: White PVC coated polyester fabric flame retardant to BS7837=thermos roof and gables.
  • Doors: 1 single personnel exit door, 1 single inward opening door with vision panels, 6 manually operated roller shutter doors.

Spaciotempo is the UK’s leading expert in the design, manufacture, hire and sale of temporary buildings to the industrial, distribution, retail and sports sectors. If you’re interested in securing one of our temporary harbour structures, then please contact us today!

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