Temporary Industrial Buildings and Industrial Canopies

Whether you require a temporary building for industrial storage, maintenance or manufacturing and production, our temporary buildings offer the perfect solution.

Spaciotempo’s industrial product range is the ultimate in flexibility enabling you to expand your operational footprint to adapt to changing work volumes in your business. Offering anything from 5m to 80m in span, up to 8m in eave height and whatever length you need, Spaciotempo’s temporary buildings are suitable for any industrial application.

Our bespoke in-house design means that whether you require separate doors for personnel, to comply with health & safety requirements, heating, lighting and welfare facilities for a comfortable working environment, or enhanced facilities such as racking or a mezzanine deck, we can provide a solution to very short timescales.

What’s more, all our temporary buildings are approved to BS standards and are calculated to withstand snow and wind loadings that are equivalent to permanent structures.  In addition, our roofs are manufactured from the most durable PVC coated polyester and are flame retardant.

Our areas of expertise

Temporary Buildings for Production and Manufacturing

When current production or manufacturing space fails to accommodate incoming orders, an urgent solution is often needed to allow your business to continue to meet its customers’ needs. Spaciotempo’s temporary industrial production and manufacturing facilities are ideal to extend your operations.

By creating designated entry and exit routes at opposite ends of your temporary building, Spaciotempo can provide a natural production line. The temporary building can either be built around or over existing plant and production machinery or a facility can be installed from scratch on a vacant area of your site.

Temporary Buildings for Maintenance

When temporary maintenance facilities are required for services and maintenance – be it for cars, trucks, trains or aircraft, Spaciotempo’s temporary industrial buildings provide a cost-efficient and rapid solution. We can construct a temporary building over fixed or static equipment such as rail tracks, conveyors or other heavy industrial apparatus, and because our temporary buildings are modular and can be totally bespoke we can adapt to the exact dimensions you require however unique.

We can also create service bays by installing roller shutter or speed doors into each wall bay.  Alternatively, the ends of buildings can be left open to allow access for trains or small aircraft to pass through. And with eave heights of 8m, our temporary buildings can easily accommodate the most substantial plant machinery for cleaning and maintenance.