Temporary Retail Buildings

Here at Spaciotempo, we can provide you with temporary retail structures that are the perfect solution to your needs – no matter what your trade. Our temporary retail buildings can be created to meet your unique requirements for whatever scenario your company may be facing and allow you to continue trading. We can help your retail business’ expansion plans, no matter what part of the supply chain you are in. From temporary production facilities and warehouses to retail shops, we can provide a structure to achieve your goals.

Common retail environments include: car showrooms, garden centres and temporary stores, to provide much needed extra storage facilities, a short-term solution during refurbishment or more room to provide a comfortable environment for your customers.

Our areas of expertise

Temporary Car Showrooms

Available in a range of sizes, our temporary car showrooms are the ideal solution for a range of needs. Whether you want a large-scale commercial showroom as a temporary solution whilst your current building is undergoing refurbishment, or a smaller structure to add to your current building for new car launches; Spaciotempo has the ideal temporary car dealership structures to suit your needs.

At Spaciotempo, we supply temporary car showroom buildings of the highest quality and, with endless customisation options, we can accommodate your specific requirements. With over 40 years of experience, Spaciotempo is able to assist and guide you through the whole process. From arranging a consultation, to discussing your requirements, through to delivering your temporary car showroom building to your chosen location by Spaciotempo’s own qualified operations staff. Our temporary car showroom rentals are a brilliant solution, offering a professional retail environment in which to sell every type of motor vehicle, specially customised to meet your specific requirements.

Temporary Retail Stores

At Spaciotempo, we understand that time is money and that any downtime for a retailer can be costly. We have worked with countless customers who have required our prompt services due to a variety of urgent circumstances, such as fire or flooding. Our temporary retail shops and supermarkets are also often required during refurbishments, allowing companies to remain trading as normal. We understand that customer experience is an important factor in the retail industry. Hence why we are determined to provide you with a temporary retail store or supermarket that has a ‘permanent’ look and feel to maximise the shopping experience for your valued consumers.

We ensure that our temporary retail shops, warehouses or supermarkets are as convenient for your customers as possible. Whether you want to replicate your original building or create a more simplistic design, we can work around your requests. We can fit your temporary retail store, garden centre or supermarket with a range of accessories and fittings for improved accessibility and comfort. For example, a supermarket may require audio systems to make store and staff announcements.