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Temporary Storage for Domino’s

By 1 January 2010October 18th, 2017Warehousing, Retail

Domino’s Pizza prides itself on good quality, a wide choice and fast service. Spaciotempo was able to replicate this service for Brendan Walsh, Production Manager of Domino’s plant in Milton Keynes, when they had an urgent requirement for a temporary warehouse.

A decision had been taken to change the warehouse layout to a narrow aisle format. This meant that Brendan needed to create space in the warehouse for the racking company to do their work, which was a six-week assignment. He therefore needed to source temporary warehouse space for this period.

Spaciotempo was called in and offered the perfect size temporary warehouse building for the site available at Milton Keynes. In no time the team were on site installing the temporary warehouse ready for the racking company to start work on the warehouse layout.

Brendan Walsh told us, “The temporary warehouse building provided was brilliant and we changed the whole warehouse layout without any hold ups in production or distribution.”

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