Temporary Warehouse Storage Solutions

Spaciotempo temporary warehouse structures offer the ultimate answer to any warehousing issues you may be facing. Permanent, bricks and mortar warehouse buildings can be a costly investment and require a great deal of time to develop. With a Spaciotempo temporary building solution, you can upscale your business’ warehousing capacity with instant space virtually overnight, resulting in vastly reduced overheads and a far greener footprint.

Our temporary warehousing is used for storage facilities, extensions or chilled storage. All Spaciotempo temporary warehouse buildings are hard-wearing, durable and suitable for different warehouse applications. Also, all of our temporary buildings can be designed with bespoke features, to meet exact application requirements.

Our areas of expertise

Temporary Storage Buildings & Warehouse Extensions

Spaciotempo are leading providers in warehousing, extensions & canopy storage, ideal for creating additional storage space for goods or equipment. If you’re in need of some extra storage space, Spaciotempo has the perfect solution. We understand how hard it can be to ensure your business facilities keep pace with growing or shrinking demands. Our flexible and scalable warehousing gives you the power to instantly respond to market forces.

No longer do you have to worry about finding the budget for a permanent building extension. Spaciotempo can guarantee a convenient and cost-effective temporary warehousing and storage solution that can be designed and installed by our in-house team in no time.

With a Spaciotempo warehouse, you can enjoy all the freedom that comes with a temporary building. You can scale up or scale down as necessary, thanks to our flexible hire agreements and rapid installations. With everything designed, manufactured and fitted in-house, you can also be sure of the highest quality temporary warehouse.

Chilled Storage Facilities

Spaciotempo’s temporary buildings are ideal as temporary chilled storage facilities. As part of our warehousing offer, Spaciotempo can offer fully insulated temporary buildings that provide the ideal chilled storage facilities for a wide range of applications. Buildings used for chilled storage require a number of critical features to make them suitable for their application.

We can provide you with a flexible, efficient and cost-effective warehouse extension that meets all of your cooling needs, including temperature control for ready meal production, cooling of products prior to packing, food preparation, cooling of production areas and chilled warehouses.

Our climate controlled warehousing and storage is suitable for short-term emergency hire or for sale if you require longer-term usage. We will work closely with you to provide the solution that best meets your climate control requirements, whatever your business.