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Temporary warehouse doubles turnover

By 29 October 2018September 11th, 2023Warehousing, Industrial

Textile company’s turnover doubles thanks to temporary warehouse

A leading textile company has seen its turnover double in just two years after a temporary building gave it the space to service new contracts.

Spaweb Ltd in Accrington is set to bring in around £6 million in 2018 compared to £3 million in 2016, before the temporary facility was installed by Spaciotempo.

The business, which finishes and weaves textiles, urgently required additional space to store its yarn and increase its operational capacity.

The stock had previously been kept in the main factory but was taking up vital space where additional machinery was needed to expand operations.

The company had two options – to go through the costly and lengthy process of constructing a permanent building or to explore the possibility of installing a temporary facility.


Managing Director Mark Bellhouse drew on his previous positive experience of working with Spaciotemo and decided it could offer the perfect solution to his predicament.

The team visited Mark on site and talked through his requirements before putting together a detailed proposal to suit his needs.

Spaciotempo also dealt with the planning process so that Mark could concentrate on the expansion of the business.

It took just four days to erect the Neivalu, measuring 10m x 13m with an eave height of six metres. The bespoke building features yellow flashing to match the company brand, roller shutter and personnel doors and LED lighting.

Three weeks’ worth of stock is now stored on site in the temporary building meaning Spaweb Ltd can react quickly to new orders.

The company has also increased the amount of equipment in use in its permanent building by 80 per cent and now employs an additional 15 people.


Mark said he was delighted with the results the company had achieved thanks to the warehouse.

He added: “The temporary building was key to the successful expansion of Spaweb Ltd. It enabled us to move all the stock out of the main building so that we could increase the number of machines producing our goods. The additional space provided by the warehouse also means we can have much more stock available on site, giving us an edge of our competitors as we have the ability to respond immediately to urgent orders.

“The process of installing the building was stress-free, quick and smooth, enabling me to work on the company’s expansion and the team to carry on with business as usual. The extra space has not only been a major benefit to Spaweb’s profits, it has also boosted the local economy by giving us the opportunity to create 15 new jobs which is great news. It has been a win, win situation all round.”

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