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Temporary warehouses offer economical extra storage

By 12 December 2017Warehousing

Temporary warehouses offer economical extra storage

At Spaciotempo, we know that at some point most companies will look to increase their warehousing and storage area due to increased demand or a change in circumstances. Installing a temporary warehouse is a cost-effective, convenient and scalable option.

We know better than most about the fluctuating warehousing and storage needs of manufacturers and retailers. We’ve helped thousands of satisfied customers over the years with their warehouse extensions and storage capacity with our patented temporary warehouses and temporary storage structures.

Temporary storage warehouses

Imagine – you’ve just secured a new and lucrative contract but there’s only one catch: where do you store the product before it gets shipped? Deciding whether a temporary or permanent structure will meet your business storage requirements can be a tricky decision. But there are several considerations to take into account when deciding what to do for the best.

At Spaciotempo we provide Neivalu modular buildings for quick, convenient and cost-effective temporary storage. Our temporary storage structures are made of aluminium frames which, depending on your specifications, are bolted onto a concrete base.

These temporary storage warehouses are then clad in single skin steel panels and topped with a thermal insulated roof, consisting of an inflated PVC fabric envelope. We also offer a range of different doors, including manual roller shutter, electric roller shutter and speed door options.

Why choose temporary warehouses?

For a start, permanent structures can be a lot more expensive and, in the current economic climate, few businesses can risk such a large investment, which can make a temporary warehouse far more cost-effective. Plus, most temporary warehouses can be installed very quickly without needing any ground works – unlike permanent buildings.

You can pick and choose the size and specification of the temporary storage warehouse you’re going to need. All of our temporary warehouses can be fitted with insulated walls to maintain the internal temperature, so if you’re after a chilled storage solution then a temporary storage structure is ideal. The walls are made of steel clad sandwich panels filled with 40mm or 60mm of insulation, providing precision temperature control.

Flexible temporary storage structures

One main advantage of Spaciotempo temporary warehouses is their flexibility. Due to their durability and BS compliance, a temporary warehouse can replicate a permanent building and, if you wish to extend the length of your contract, we can arrange for your structure to remain on site for as long as you need it.

So, if you’re struggling to decide between a temporary and permanent storage solution, we guarantee that a move towards a temporary warehouse will pay dividends – offering you the flexibility, scalability and affordability you’ve been looking for.

To find out more about how temporary warehouses can offer economical solutions to your extra storage issues, contact Spaciotempo today. Our temporary warehouse experts are ready and waiting to discuss your requirements and offer the perfect solution for you and your business.

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