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Temporary warehouses provide low-risk alternative

By 22 May 2014October 18th, 2017Warehousing, Industrial
Quality and Safety

SHD Logistics posted a story this month which sent shivers down the spines of all facilities managers across the UK- warehouse prices are on the up, again.

Many businesses will panic and start to calculate their already growing overhead costs as a result of this, and that is obviously important. However, one must also consider the increased risk that comes with making this permanent investment.

There is a solution to overcome these woes; why not consider a cheaper alternative with less risk that actually, isn’t much of an alternative at all?

I’m talking about temporary warehouses; they act exactly the same as a permanent one and have lasted as long as 25 years!

The difference is that a temporary warehouse can reduce risk investment by allowing you to hire for a short amount of time, enabling you to see whether the temporary building is working for you and your business needs.

If it’s not, you end the hire, rather than being left with a permanent cost – all the while staying on site and therefore further keeping costs to a minimum.

Why not take a look at the different businesses, who have already seen the benefit of using a temporary warehouse, before you make your mind up?

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