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Temporary workshop keeps train builder on track

By 22 December 2015October 27th, 2017Industrial, Logistics & Transport
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A TRAIN-BUILDING company is using an innovative temporary workshop to keep production on track.
Vivarail uses surplus London Underground trains to provide low-cost rolling stock for Britain’s regional routes.
The company needed to increase space at its manufacturing facility in Warwickshire – and Spaciotempo came up with the perfect solution.
They installed a 45 x five-metre temporary building designed specifically for the project and the building, which is five metres high, will remain on site for around four months.
Steve Rowell, general manager of Vivarail, said: “Our existing shed was only big enough for one carriage per road, but now we work on two or three cars set together.
“The requirement is only short-term, which is why we needed a temporary building, and Spaciotempo provided a great, cost-effective solution.
“The building is very much fit for purpose, it was erected very quickly and is just what we wanted.”
Vivarail, based in Stratford-upon-Avon, recycles bodyshells and bogies from disused Tube trains – installing new diesel engines and modern control systems to produce the D-Train.
It can replace or supplement existing local rail services and equip new routes at the fraction of the cost of conventional rolling stock.
Tony Farley, Sales Manager at Spaciotempo, said: “Vivarail approached us with a short-term project to increase the size of their manufacturing facility.
“They wanted to avoid uncoupling rolling stock, so we produced and erected a 45-metre long building to meet their needs.
“We are the only company in the UK which manufactures and installs our own temporary buildings, so we can always meet the bespoke requirements of our customers.”

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