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The show goes on at Coventry Community School

By 1 January 2010October 30th, 2017Sport & Leisure, Education, Disaster Recovery
Emergency and Disaster Relief Buildings

Sidney Stringer School in Coventry was one of the first urban community schools in the UK, opening in 1972 and drawing pupils from around the City.

In the summer of 2007 a fire at the premises destroyed many of the school buildings, necessitating the Head, alongside the insurance provider, to find a quick solution for lessons to recommence in time for the start of the new academic year.

Portakabin was urgently engaged to supply temporary classroom space, but it soon became clear that there was an urgent requirement for two larger temporary education buildings. Portakabin turned to Spaciotempo, an existing business associate, to propose a solution.

Working with the Headmaster, the Sports teacher and Drama teacher to establish the requirements of the school, Spaciotempo submitted a detailed proposal for a fully fitted gymnasium and theatre in October of the same year. By the following February two highly specified units had been installed with specialist kit, ready for use by the eager students.

The 15m x 30m gymnasium, constructed from heavy duty aluminium frames with steel cladding, was provided with a turnkey package of heating, lighting, ventilation and pvc insulated walls. Internally flush fitted internal walls, complete with windows, were installed to ensure both a safe and a comfortable environment for the students. Spaciotempo also organised and oversaw the fit of specialist sports flooring with line markings for a range of sports including basketball, tennis, football and badminton.

A slightly smaller bespoke unit was gutter linked and divided into two to house a temporary theatre and a further classroom/meeting space. The theatre was installed with a black out roof cover, high spec electrics and lights with all heating and ducting specified in black to merge in to the roof area.

A double skinned, reinforced floor with high spec, non slip orange peel finish was sourced by Spaciotempo as the finishing touch to the theatre. The build was completed in just 2½ weeks allowing sports and drama classes to resume as quickly as possible.

Delighted at the solution provided by Spaciotempo, the Headteacher, Brian Worrall, has renewed the contract for a further two years. With ambitions to become an Academy, the school will undergo a new build programme, with the temporary space providing the perfect stop gap until then.

He said: “From a potentially disastrous situation after the fire, we have been very pleased to work with professional companies who found solutions for us that are way beyond our expectations. In fact I can say that when you step into either our gymnasium or theatre you would never know that either was not a permanent structure. Both companies went the extra mile to provide all the additional materials we needed”.

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