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The Temporary Answer to Growth

By 15 May 2018Company News

The Temporary Answer to Growth

There is a high of uncertainty amongst manufacturers as the UK charges towards Brexit. However, Scott Jameson, Managing Director of Spaciotempo UK, says that growth and good business is still achievable by using temporary buildings.

Space. It is quite possibly the one united thing that all manufacturers crave. Whether it’s for storage, warehousing, more plant and machinery, diversification or otherwise. We yearn for more of it to fulfil our goals.

Yet, it is also the one asset that comes with extraordinary complications. High running costs from overheads and business rates, the initial research, planning consent, outlay, costs of construction and maintenance is enough to send any risk assessment manager running for the hills.

What’s more, we as a nation are in one of our most turbulent and uncertain economic times of our history – Brexit.

Nowhere has this been more obvious than in the manufacturing trade. Orders and output levels in manufacturing have been above historic levels, thanks to the weak pound. However, according to the most recent CBI Quarterly Industrial Trends Survey, appetite among firms to invest in new buildings has fallen to its lowest level since 2009, to a net balance of -30 per cent.

Clearly, optimism isn’t high, and the market must be thinking there is a crash due at some point. Growth is still achievable though, if we looked outside the box of permanent structures.

Going Temporary, or Semi-Permanent

One of the ways we can quickly and easily add to our special capacity is through temporary buildings. Despite the name, these aren’t flimsy, marquee-style structures, but robust, semi-permanent buildings that will easily withstand the harsh environments of the factory life.

Anodised aluminium frames and galvanized steel fixings deliver strength and solidity, while a range of walling and roofing options means site owners and operators can choose a style to suit specific usage. Ideally, your provider of temporary structures includes a site survey as standard; by checking every detail of the project, they can recommend the best solution.

Temporary structures can be erected much more quickly than permanent buildings too. Reputable providers will use their own specialist installation teams and work with site managers to minimise disruption.

Another key benefit of temporary buildings is flexibility of ownership, as these can be hired for as little as three months up to an indefinite period. For longer-term requirements, it may be more economic to buy a temporary building outright.

What to Consider

There are several key things to consider when specifying a temporary structure.

One of those is access and purpose. Temporary buildings can have eave heights of up to 8m, with wide-width doors. This leaves plenty of room for large vehicle access if required, and floor to roof racking and storage if that is what you need the space for.

To protect the contents within the building, look for a temporary building that provides a canopy. This will give further protection from wind, rain and snow. Study the traffic too – for factories where there is a high volume of traffic coming in and out, speed doors are perfect – but also remember to add in pedestrian doors for staff to keep them out of harm’s way.

For walling, single-skin steel cladding is suitable for most applications, although more insulated options are available. Likewise, where temperature control isn’t a factor, a single skin PVC roof is ideal. These are typically provided in white, enabling plenty of light into the building. If a temporary building is required for office or workshop usage, a thermo-insulated roof is a great option, as it reduces heat loss or gain to achieve a stable, temperature-controlled environment for staff.

Don’t forget that you will need planning permission, even for a temporary building, but all reputable providers will be able to assist with the planning application as part of their project management.

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