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Top 3 services at the foundations of every Spaciotempo temporary structure

By 22 December 2016October 27th, 2017Company News

Looking for a temporary building company that will plan your temporary building from start to finish? Check out the many steps we take to ensure that your Spaciotempo temporary building is the perfect answer to your application requirements.

1. Temporary building engineering and design

Our temporary building engineering services are accompanied by an extensive in-house design stage, which is employed to ensure that all our buildings are tailored specifically to your needs.
Our highly-experienced team work in full compliance with operating requirements, site regulations, site restrictions and your specific needs.

We understand that every temporary building installation will be different, as each building is tailored to your needs and requirements. Some of the customisable features we offer include:

  • Speciality floors.
  • Multi-room structures.
  • Racking.
  • Wide range of windows and doors.

2. Temporary building planning permission

The process of having a temporary building installed has never been so easy. Here at Spaciotempo, we assume responsibility for the complex and time consuming stage of applying for temporary building planning permission. We have gained many years of experience in attaining planning permission whilst providing temporary buildings across an array of industries and know the rules and regulations inside out.

Some things to consider include:

  • Planning permission is required after 28 days.
  • There is no temporary planning available.
  • Emergency buildings still require planning permission.
  • As stated in the 1996 planning act, planning permission is not required if a refurbishment is taking place.

Throughout our many years of experience we have always liaised with specialist town planning partners. So we can time manage your temporary building installation time frames. Getting planning permission can take up to four weeks, or longer depending on meeting times.

3. Site survey and temporary building installation

When you invest in a Spaciotempo temporary building, we can arrange a site survey within 24-hours, so that we can determine the optimum solution for your application. Part of our site survey capabilities includes advising on applications at secure locations, such as petrochemical and nuclear sites. So no matter how big, small or complicated your application, Spaciotempo has the perfect solution.

Following the initial site survey, our on-site team will deliver your temporary building and carry out your temporary building installation. When your contract ends, and you no longer require your temporary building, once again our on-site team are on hand to dismantle your temporary building.

For more information about all our services here at Spaciotempo, please contact us.

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