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Top of the league sports tunnels

By 21 April 2016September 8th, 2017Sport & Leisure, Retractable Tunnels

As sports teams or individual athletes wait in the wings, ready to take to the sporting arena, all eyes are fixed on the players’ tunnel awaiting their appearance. Think of the exposure, not to mention vital protection, a sports tunnel can provide for your team – which is exactly why a retractable tunnel from Spaciotempo offers such a winning solution.

Spaciotempo sports tunnels are in a league of their own. We design and manufacture each and every one of our retractable telescopic tunnels in-house, which means that you can enjoy match winning performance that comes from having your own bespoke player’s tunnel. Not only that, but we can install your new sports tunnel in double quick time – often ready within a day – to get you ready for match day.

Our sports tunnels are made from anodised aluminium structural arches, which come in a range of widths from 1-12m and heights from 2-4m. So no matter how big your team or event is, we’ve got a sports tunnel to suit. With cast aluminium joints and galvanised steel pantograph connections, you can be sure of a winning combination of durability and therefore longevity.

Who uses players’ tunnels?

Our top class sports tunnels are used by a wide array of sports teams and bodies, both at the upper echelons of professional sport and at the vital grassroots level too. We’ve provided player’s tunnels to Manchester United, Preston North End, Crewe Alexandra and Chesterfield FC among other Football League clubs in the UK. But our concertina tunnels are just as suited to rugby, athletics and gymnastics events.

In fact, we provided an innovative sports tunnel for Pinewood Gymnastics Club in Wokingham, who’s facility was too small to house a full-length competition standard tumble track. Our innovative solution was to provide a linking retractable tunnel from the outside of their building through to the tumbling track inside. Measuring 2.4m wide, 8m long and 2.74m, this weather-proof solution has allowed their gymnasts to tumble to their hearts desire (whatever the weather!) and can be retracted and stored when not in use.

What are the benefits of a sports tunnel?

Player protection: A retractable sports tunnel offers unrivalled player protection. If results don’t go your way, or a split-second decision affects the run of play, it’s vital for players to be able to exit the pitch safely. The best way to shield your team from hostility is by installing a telescopic tunnel. Sports tunnels also offer a quick and convenient route to the dressing room, as players come on and off the pitch.

Sponsorship and branding: As the player’s tunnel is such as a major focal point – at the beginning, end and half-time – of any match day, the opportunity for sponsorship and branding is clear for all to see. Spaciotempo sports tunnels can be fully customised to display sponsors’ logos, promotional messaging and can even be matched to your team’s colours. Whatever your design requirements, the Spaciotempo team can help you to score some valuable exposure.

Quick installation: The beauty of a telescopic tunnel from Spaciotempo is that they can be installed incredibly quickly and easily. If match day is looming and you’re in need of a player’s tunnel, make one of our sports tunnels part of your selection process and you’ll be match-ready in no time!

Fully customisable: As well as the wide array of branding options we can offer, Spaciotempo can also customise your player’s tunnel even further. You can opt for skirting and end closures – which can be fixed, sliding or curtain – for extra privacy. Or we can offer clear window panels, clear roofs or totally clear tunnels if you’d rather a sports tunnel bathed in natural daylight.

So there you have it, there are so many reasons to give your team and your brand ‘tunnel vision.’ In today’s sporting world, a player’s tunnel is becoming a necessity. Thankfully, it is not only a cost-effective solution for protecting your players but also a brand-savvy investment that should pay for itself over time.

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