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Tunnel Protects Ice Cream

By 1 January 2010September 4th, 2017Industrial, Retractable Tunnels

Established in 1983, New Forest Ice Cream is a successful family business!

During the hot summer months the company found that even the smallest amount of sunlight exposure caused a rise in temperature to the ice cream. The time taken to load the ice cream from the cold store to the lorry was enough to cause a problem.

To solve this, they purchased two tailor-made Ready Box tunnels from Spaciotempo, both measuring 3.5 metres wide, 3 metres long and 4 metres high. Both tunnels were affixed to the cold store building and when fully extended allowed enough height for the lorries to back-up underneath the canopy, ensuring no sunlight exposure to the product whatsoever.

As Lawrie Jenman, Managing Director from New Forest Ice Cream explained “Last summer the tunnels proved to be invaluable due to the constant soaring temperatures we experienced and we were able to maintain the exact required temperature for the icecream. This summer we have successfully repeated the process and with the weather being arather different matter, we have found that the tunnels also provide ideal protection from the summer storms!”

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