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Spaciotempo’s temporary building helps Vinci Construction to get on track in Nottingham

By 1 January 2013October 27th, 2017Industrial, Logistics & Transport
Vinci Construction News

Engineers building a multi-million pound extension to Nottingham’s tram system now have somewhere to store construction equipment and materials after investing in one of our temporary buildings.

Vinci Construction has purchased a 600sqm single-skin Neivalu temporary building in order to house lengths of track and the metalwork used to hold the overhead cables – as well as provide office space – while the company builds the 17.5km line, which is set to be completed towards the end of next year.

The temporary building measures 90m from gable to gable and although the original plan was to erect in a flat, level site, a change of plan saw it located on a site that rose very slightly at one end.

Such an elevation, although minimal, would require extensive groundwork to accommodate a similar sized permanent structure, but it caused no significant problems for us when erecting the temporary structure and Vinci was able to move into its new facility in under two weeks.

Scott Jameson, director of sales at Spaciotempo, said: “By purchasing the building, Vinci will enjoy the flexibility of having a purpose-built facility that can be moved around the site to meet future needs, or can be dismantled and erected elsewhere.

“The Neivalu is a quality building that is more than capable of meeting Vinci’s needs in Nottingham over the next few years and for many years afterwards.”

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