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What To Look Out For When Purchasing A Temporary Building?

By 21 March 2024May 7th, 2024Company News

Picture this! You’ve got the green light for your company to look for expansion options and increase storage space. What is the next step? Where do you start looking? What do you need to look out for?

To save you the time digging for answers, we have done the hard work and crafted an easy to read, reliable guide to help you see below the tip of the iceberg, saying au revoir to hidden and unexpected terms and conditions that other temporary building providers might not want to highlight!

We want to ensure you are fully informed about the process from quotation to sign-off, unlike some of our temporary building counterparts, we are more concerned with getting it right first time, every time. Here are some important points to look out for when you come down to making those all-important decisions.

Purchasing temporary buildings: Essential checklist

Compliance with Regulations:

Ensure that the temporary building complies with governing regulations and building codes. Spaciotempo structures, for example, adhere to industry health, quality, and environmental standards, as well as holding a number of accreditations providing complete peace of mind regarding safety and legal requirements.

If you require further peace of mind and wanted a helping hand in determining your projects requirements and compliance with building regulations, our friendly sales specialists can help you navigate those confusing waters.

FREE on-site visit:

It is common practice with certain providers to state in their terms and conditions that the quote is subject to a site survey and could change. At Spaciotempo, we offer a free on-site visit and drawings as standard BEFORE we issue a quote to you, no matter where you are based.

This is important to us, as it provides you with an accurate, site-specific quote with no hidden catches! At Spaciotempo, changes to the quote are rare, occurring only in exceptional situations. This streamlined process allows you to obtain approval for quotes from key stakeholders more promptly and efficiently.

Conducting a site visit before issuing a quote is essential as it allows us to navigate any potential planning permission issues or initial construction requirements, particularly regarding groundworks for the temporary building foundations.

What else should you look out for when purchasing a temporary building?

Credit Rating:

In an ever-changing world, it’s important to check a company’s credit rating when operating in the movement of such large sums of money.

As of 3rd May 2022, Spaciotempo received an Experian Business Credit Rating of 100/100. This business credit score provides a snapshot of the business’ financial health, and is influenced by several factors, including past payment performance. Almost no other temporary building provider in the UK possesses this faultless credit rating, and it can be stated with absolute confidence, that Spaciotempo has the largest credit limit, cementing the fact that we’re here to stay.

Temporary Building Customisation Options:

Evaluate the level of customisation offered by the company. Spaciotempo’s commitment to site visits and drawings ensures accurate quoting and tailoring the structure to meet specific needs.

Spaciotempo offers an extensive range of features that can be specified to create bespoke temporary buildings. We take every element of the project into account so that we can create the perfect temporary building for your requirements. Optional extras and ancillaries for temporary buildings include roof type, doors, flooring, walling, colours, HVAC, and electrics.

However, beyond the standard offerings, Spaciotempo also provide even more tailored solutions. Such as, facilities designed for housing a swimming pool, accommodating changing rooms for schools and businesses, temperature-controlled storage for perishable goods, or incorporating advanced Low E Roofing technology, we are dedicated to meeting your unique requirements. Find out more about environmentally friendly thermo roofing!

Installation Time:  

Inquire about the estimated installation time for the temporary building. A huge benefit when working alongside Spaciotempo, is we have our own in-house operations team, who carry out all our installations, as well as our maintenance inspections, repair work and, if you have rented your building, will also remove your building at the end of your hire period. 

We NEVER sub-contract installation work to agency crews because we want our customers to have the peace of mind that their project is being managed by Spaciotempo from start to finish – by a team that is experienced, skilled and accountable. We only use our own in-house operations team, meaning, we can install even complex buildings, quickly and without any hassle. 

Durability and Weather Resistance For Temporary Buildings:  

Ensure you get an assessment of the building’s resistance to weather conditions, including wind and snow loads. Spaciotempo’s frame profiles are size specific to the region of the building’s location, and with options up to 396mm our focus is firmly on structural integrity, providing a durable solution suitable for various environmental challenges.  

Factors you might also overlook when purchasing a temporary building:

Warranty and After-Sales Support:  

Check for the warranty period and the level of aftersales support offered by the company. Spaciotempo’s flawless credit rating and backing from GL events signal financial stability, which translates into a reliable warranty and support service.  

When Spaciotempo hand over the keys to your temporary building at the end of the project, it is most important to us that you are happy with both our product and our service. Our aftercare support is unrivalled, and we genuinely care about your temporary buildings’ lifespan and overall health. Your project is certainly not just another number to us, no matter how many years have passed. 

When you receive your handover pack, tailored to your unique temporary structure, it will give you advice on how to care for your building and include our offer of an annual service visit.  And because we know that life isn’t always straightforward, and accidents do happen, our call-out team is always on hand to deal with any accidental damage. 

Risk Factors: 

One critical aspect to consider is the risk associated with partnering with an organisation unfamiliar with the temporary building landscape in the UK market. If their experience operating in the UK is limited and they haven’t established themselves, it could result in various complications.  These might include subpar project delivery, breakdowns in communication, or worst-case scenario, complete project abandonment, leaving you stranded and restarting the process from scratch. 

Throughout the sales process, maintaining clear and concise communication is paramount. This ensures that vital information such as project timelines, planning permissions, and other crucial details are effectively communicated and understood.  Additionally, considering the logistics involved in transporting and assembling the temporary building is important. Our site visits before quoting will ensure accurate logistics planning, minimising any potential issues during transportation and installation.  

Furthermore, Spaciotempo is one of only a handful of temporary building suppliers to manufacture and customise our own aluminium frame. Our manufacturing plant is located just outside Amiens in the Picardie region of northern France, meaning that it can be easily and quickly transported to our UK headquarters in Uttoxeter, or direct to site for seamless installation. By managing our supply chain internally, we significantly reduce lead times compared to relying on external manufacturers for subsequent delivery.  

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