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Why a retractable tunnel could be the solution you never thought of!

By 2 March 2015October 27th, 2017Company News, Retractable Tunnels

If somebody said to you “Retractable Tunnels”, you could probably be forgiven for thinking about sport – players tunnels for football and rugby, entrance tunnels for a stadium – or maybe walkways for events, or providing weather protection for people moving between different buildings?  And you would be right – Spaciotempo’s retractable tunnels are used for all of these things. Our players tunnels are used by a large number of football clubs from the Premier League down to non-league and community clubs across England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. We have also provided a number of tunnels as walkways both for leisure applications, and also for organisations as diverse as zoos, hospitals and magistrates courts!

But for an increasing number of our industrial customers, retractable tunnels can provide a solution for short-term temporary storage on site which is remarkably flexible and versatile.  There are four main features of a retractable tunnel which make them so popular:

1. Firstly, as the name suggests, it is retractable – which means that it can be extended when it is required, and retracted when not required giving the best of both worlds. Spaciotempo’s tunnels are manufactured from an anodised aluminium frame with crossed pantographs to enable extension and retraction. Locking bars on each set of pantographs keep the tunnel taught when fully extended and if your site is prone to high winds, or other extreme weather conditions, additional fixings can be used to secure the extended tunnel in place. The size of the tunnel when retracted obviously depends on the tunnel dimensions and specification – however in some cases, it can be as little as 25cm.

2. It is extremely versatile – Whether you opt for an “off the shelf” standard sized tunnel, or a bespoke tunnel, we will ensure that you get exactly the right product for your company’s needs.  Available in widths from one to 12 metres, and heights from two to five metres, Spaciotempo’s retractable tunnels can be hired or purchased in a range of standard sizes, or custom built to order. A raft of options exist to customise your tunnel, including translucent panels, a range of available colours, as well as branding and signwriting. And because a retractable tunnel is mounted on wheels (either pneumatic rubber tyres, rubber tyres filled with urethane for heavier tunnels, or nylon wheels), not only can it be retracted, but also moved to a different area of the site, as needed to provide protected storage as and when required.

3. Flexible Use – a retractable tunnel can be used on its own, in combination with a number of other tunnels (to increase operational capacity whilst also enabling individual tunnels to operate discretely – useful when a controlled work environment if required), or in combination with one or more temporary building. Industrial applications can include loading and unloading areas, overflow storage or warehousing, additional workshop capacity, links between buildings, air locks, dust protection and controlled work environments.  The tough flame retardant PVC-coated cover (BS5438) is so resilient that we have even installed tunnels for use inside a foundry environment. So if you can think of a possible use for a retractable tunnel, we have probably already installed one.

Finally, as with all Spaciotempo products, a retractable tunnel offers examplary value for money – providing a cost effective solution to a business need which could never be matched by a permanent storage structure or connecting walkway. And with hire and sale options available, you can have a tunnel for just as long or you need it. What’s more, if you need to repair the tunnel for any reason, the fact that it is made from single panels, each one metre wide – enables cost-effective replacement of small sections.

So whether it is used in conjunction with other Spaciotempo temporary buildings, or as a stand alone unit, a retractable tunnel can offer much more than meets the eye to your business operation. If you have an application which you think a retractable tunnel might be able to meet, contact Spaciotempo’s Retractable Tunnels Manager, Teresa Parkes today!

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