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Why choose an aluminium framed temporary building?

By 10 December 2015October 27th, 2017Company News

When you need additional storage space, there are a number of options available. If you’re seriously considering a temporary building you have probably already discounted the permanent build option based on time and cost. A permanent build with foundations and ground works can take many months, at high cost when you take build and foundation costs, legal fees, stamp duty and agents’ fees into account. An aluminium framed temporary building can be installed within a couple of weeks subject to the building specification, and at a fraction of the cost.

Off-site storage, such as a hired warehouse or container is sometimes seen as a cheaper option, but watch out for hidden costs such as duplication of personnel and security, extra plant equipment and double handling – not to mention the increased time taken from storage to line which also increases the overall cost of operations.

Temporary buildings really come into their own when you look at their flexibility.

  • The building’s specification can be designed precisely to fit the available footprint on site, however bespoke the size may be. It is even possible to link a temporary building to an existing permanent structure if required.
  • If you go down the bespoke route, you can opt for any number of options to optimise your space inside, such as racking up to the apex, or a mezzanine deck.
  • If you choose to hire your temporary building, it can be onsite for just as long as you need it. So you can increase or contract your on-site capacity in line with business demands, eliminating wasted space and wasted money.

So once you’ve decided on a temporary building of some sort, how do you decide which one?

Some temporary buildings utilise a steel frame – and these can appear cheaper.  However aluminium has several major advantages over steel:

  • Aluminium is highly resistant to corrosion, giving your building a longer life; and, while incredibly durable, has superior flex under load.
  • The lighter weight nature of aluminium makes it quicker and easier to erect onsite.
  • Steel structures require expensive groundworks rather than erection through an existing hard-standing area.
  • Most steel structures are only offered for purchase rather than the flexibility of hire.
  • Steel structures are mostly made to order, unlike “off the shelf” aluminium, so are less reactive to disaster management problems or quick turnarounds.

Spaciotempo only manufactures and installs aluminium framed temporary buildings which give you the perfect blend of durability and resilience, with ease and speed of installation. So if you are looking for temporary storage, an aluminium framed temporary building from Spaciotempo is an excellent all-round solution.  For more details, please contact us today!

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