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Why choose modular buildings?

By 10 February 2016September 4th, 2017Company News

As a manufacturer, any operational downtime can prove highly costly and disruptive to the smooth running of your business. Whether you’ve outgrown your current premises, or simply need a temporary stop-gap, Spaciotempo’s bespoke modular buildings provide a cost-effective and rapid solution to keep you in production.

When current production space fails to accommodate incoming orders, an urgent solution is often needed for a business to continue to meet its customers’ needs. Spaciotempo’s high quality modular buildings provide a cost-effective and flexible solution that’s ideal to house your production facilities.

The flexibility of our Neivalu temporary building range, means that your production facilities can be easily expanded to dovetail with changing work volumes. As with a traditional building, a natural production line can be created by specifying opposing entry and exit routes and work can be carried out under natural light courtesy of a semi-translucent PVC roof.

Portable buildings for maintenance facilities

When temporary maintenance facilities are required for servicing and maintenance purposes – be it for cars, trucks, trains or aeroplanes – Spaciotempo’s portable buildings provide a flexible and effective solution. They can be constructed over fixed or static equipment such as rail tracks, conveyors or other heavy industrial apparatus for an innovative and robust maintenance facility.

To create functional maintenance facilities for vehicle servicing, service bays can also be created by placing automatic doors into each wall bay. Alternatively, the ends of buildings can be left open to allow access for trains or small aircraft to pass through.

Relocatable buildings for logistics and transport

Spaciotempo can also supply fully insulated relocatable buildings offering comfort to your employees and visitors. We can also design and manufacture logistics canopies, on small or large scales, which are completely tailored to your specific needs.

Freight loading, unloading and labelling areas are all critical to an efficient logistics operation. When demand increases, the need to expand these areas may arise. By tailoring the side heights of the temporary building or canopy, we can ensure they can accommodate the largest heavy goods vehicles.

Our modular buildings can also be linked together, ensuring whole fleets can use the facility at any one time. While walls can also be removed to create a loading bay canopy, keeping your valuable vehicles under cover.

Why our modular buildings are the best

Darren Logan, Spaciotempo Operations Manager, said: “We have extensive experience and expertise in providing exceptional modular buildings for a broad range of manufacturers, including Jaguar Land Rover, BMW and JCB. So we know what it takes to deliver high performance production, maintenance and logistics facilities for even the most demanding manufacturing environments.”

“The beauty of choosing a Spaciotempo modular building is that for a considerably lower up front investment than a permanent structure we can provide a rapid, flexible and expandable temporary building solution for all your manufacturing needs. With our own in-house manufacturing and install teams, extensive stock and highly responsive site visit capabilities, your modular building could be installed and ready for operations with immediate effect.”

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