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Why Client Focus Matters

By 8 July 2015June 15th, 2017Company News, Sport & Leisure, Education

Spaciotempo UK recently installed a temporary sports complex for Nottingham University while their new sports village is constructed over the next two years, and the end result – which includes a 12 court sports hall with an area of over 2000 square metres, three squash courts, a gym and dance studios – has to be seen to be believed.

When we asked Dan Tilley, Nottingham University’s Director of Sport, to sum up Spaciotempo in a single phrase, his answer was “client focused”. He went on to say:

“Spaciotempo were great to work with as they were really flexible in their approach, very patient with us – as with all these projects, things change as you go through the process and they were constantly listening to us, and understanding what we were trying to achieve, and did their utmost to deliver the best possible outcome for us. The temporary sports facilities have actually exceeded expectations in a number of ways. The reaction of a lot of the customers walking in is a good demonstration of how surprised they are by the quality of the facilities and in many ways, the facilities are far better than a lot of the permanent facilities that we have within the city.”

The quality of Spaciotempo’s facilities speak for themselves. But we believe that the quality of Spaciotempo’s focus on client needs is as important. We are committed to working collaboratively with our clients to develop solutions – be they temporary or semi-permanent, and feedback of this kind proves that the approach works.

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