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Women in Construction Week

By 4 March 2024March 7th, 2024Company News

⚠️ Did you know just 13% of those working in construction are women? ⚠️

Whilst that is a damning statistic, improving diversity and inclusion can bring a wealth of untapped skills to the industry.

We caught up with Natalie Balfour, Spaciotempo area sales manager for the North of England and Scotland territory to talk about the importance of women in construction and why her role is crucial for inspiring other women in the industry:

Q: Why did I choose the construction industry?

A: I didn’t really choose the construction industry, it happened by accident.  I wanted a new challenge, a new industry and haven’t looked back since.

I am an Army veteran and was used to working within ‘traditional’ male dominated environments and found the transition quite easy.  That being said, I still found it strange being the only female on a construction site as even in the military there were women in various roles.

Q: How can we encourage women to join the industry?

A: Education and Inspiration!

It’s never too early to start inspiring future generations, and a key way to address the perception of the industry is by engaging with schools and colleges.

It’s easier to imagine yourself in any industry when you can actually see people who you can relate to in that industry. Women seeing women in construction, and having visible role models, is important.

Q: What advice would I give a woman joining the construction industry?

A: My advice for women joining the construction industry would be to break free from stereotypes, ask lots of questions, set clear boundaries, empower each other, and most importantly, be yourself!

From Natalie and everyone at Spaciotempo, we wish you a happy Woman In Construction Week! If you would like to learn more about how temporary building projects operate within the construction industry, some of which Natalie has delivered from start to finish, click on through to our case study page.

Natalie represents one of the only women in the temporary building industry in a non-office based role, and continues to be a huge advocate for more women to dive head first into the sector.

There is lot’s going on to mark the occasion, from temporary building specialists like ourselves joining in to raise awareness, to non-for-profit organisations such as The National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) hosting a series of events across the UK for you to get involved in. Jump through on this link to find out more!

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