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Yearly maintenance made possible for Stafford Boat Club with a Spaciotempo Retractable Tunnel

By 23 June 2016October 27th, 2017Sport & Leisure, Retractable Tunnels

Canal boats kept in ship shape whatever the weather, by the introduction of retractable tunnel maintenance. Retractable tunnels for boats provide the same effect as a portable garage, meaning essential and desirable maintenance work can be carried out all year round!

All-Weather solutions for boat maintenance

With the great British weather being as it is, members of the Stafford Boat Club decided that a solution was needed to enable them to carry out essential maintenance work on their boats come rain, wind or shine.

One member remembered seeing, and had been extremely impressed by, a retractable tunnel being used as a shelter at a gardening club. At the time they thought it looked versatile, robust and a bit like a portable garage for boats, which would suit the clubs’ needs perfectly. Subsequently, they got in touch with us to order one specific to their requirements. It was great timing as we had just got our retractable tunnels back from being used at the Olympic Games.

It was agreed that the retractable boat tunnel would not need to cover the entire boat. Only one particular area is worked on at a time, and the priority was for a mobile lightweight structure that can be moved along the length of the boat as required.

Spaciotempo’s Retractable Tunnels for Boats

We were able to supply a fully refurbished and adapted retractable industrial tunnel constructed on an aluminium A-frame measuring 3.5m tall and 4m wide. The tunnel which measures 7m in length when extended, and 1m when retracted, was supplied with black PVC sides, Cristalplus transparent roof and large rubber tyres, filled with urethane, enabling its smooth and easy maneuverability. The tunnel’s capacity to significantly expand and contract is invaluable when it comes to its storage. Interestingly this exact tunnel, although built slightly narrower at the time, was previously used to greet athletes as they arrived at the Basketball Arena at London’s Olympic Park.

John Mountfort, Commodore of Stafford Boat Club, commented,

The tunnel has been a complete success. Our members are now able to carry out work on their boats whatever the weather. The way it functions really shows the versatility of these structures and to me its stability rivals that of a permanent building, with the added benefit of being able to easily move it from boat to boat and store it away when its not in use. It’s also an interesting talking point and a novelty having a memento from the Olympic Games at our club.

“Portable garages for boats”

Spaciotempo’s versatility, flexibility and manufacturing capabilities mean that we can turn our hands to any boating application. Retractable tunnel can easily be moved from one area to another and collapsed and expanded in no time at all. They are cost-effective to purchase and rent and can be easily designed to overcome almost any application challenge. In this sense they are often referred to as portable garages for boats!

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