Algeco – Manufacturing & Production Facility – Modular Building


As the chill of Winter settled in, Spaciotempo UK were excited be handing over the keys to Algeco’s new temporary building at Carnaby Industrial Estate in Bridlington, marking the completion of Spaciotempo UK’s most significant project to date. In addition, this ambitious undertaking comprised two interconnected 40m buildings to form a huge 80m x 60m unified structure, showcasing Spaciotempo’s prowess in delivering tailored solutions for our clients.

Algeco, a renowned market leader in Modular Buildings, sought the expertise of Spaciotempo UK to bring their vision to life. The primary goal was to construct a Temporary Building that would not only accommodate their growing needs but also enhance operational efficiency. With clients like Starbucks and McDonald’s on their roster, Algeco needed a manufacturing and production space that reflected their commitment to quality and functionality.


Innovative Door System: A critical aspect of the project was the integration of a strategically designed door system. This included 2 x Speed/Combination Roller Shutter Doors, 6 x Electric Roller Shutter Doors, and Single Personnel Exit Doors. This meticulous design not only facilitated seamless operational transitions for Algeco but also fostered enhanced connectivity between the two sections of the building.

Guttering System for Unity: A standout feature contributing to the seamless integration of the temporary buildings was the thoughtfully designed guttering system. Stretched along the entire length of the interconnected structures, the guttering served both practical and aesthetic purposes. Beyond efficiently managing rainwater, it visually and structurally bound the two buildings, creating a unified and harmonious manufacturing space.

This space represents a 60% increase in our space capacity, it’s given us the clear span, which has allowed us to take benefit of the wider modules that we produce...The clear span is fantastic for us. We can flow between the two bays and the ability to implement the flow line through the speed set doors and the roller shutter doors is fantastic."

Matt FortnumHead of manufacturing
Spaciotempo temporary buildings provide additional storage capacity

The Build

Moreover, the success of the Algeco project exemplifies Spaciotempo’s commitment to providing innovative solutions that meet the unique and evolving requirements of their clients.

Lastly, by combining technical expertise with creative design, Spaciotempo not only delivered a functional space for Algeco but also played a pivotal role in supporting their growth and operational efficiency. This case study stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and forward-thinking in the field of temporary building solutions.

Owing to our versatility in the temporary building space, Spaciotempo can provide the infrastructure to support extensions and modular structures during times of redevelopment or even new builds. If you think we could help with your next project, please contact us or give us a call on 01889 569569.

Fact File

Who: Algeco
Where: Carnaby Industrial Estate, Bridlington
Size: 80m x 60m x 12.5m
Use: Manufacturing & production facility
Why: Space to construct modular buildings across various sectors
Special Features: Gutter-linkage system provides seamless 80m span continuous warehouse space

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