Exeter Chiefs – Temporary Spectator Stand


Spaciotempo, the UK’s leading provider of temporary and semi-permanent buildings for the sport and leisure sector, were tasked with the construction of a new temporary stand at Sandy Park, the home of Exeter Chiefs Rugby Club. The project would help deliver much-needed additional spectator seating for the club ahead of the 2023-2024 rugby union season.

With decades of experience providing high-quality yet cost-effective temporary sports buildings and temporary sports structures, Spaciotempo was the ideal partner for the Premiership Rugby club in the design and installation of a new temporary spectator stand. Safety was the number one priority, with Spaciotempo’s experts designing a robust temporary stand that met all requirements. A key focus was ensuring the structure could cope with spectator movement and provide needed stability to keep visitors safe.


The resulting temporary stand provides Exeter Rugby Club supporters with excellent elevated viewing. Additionally, the height of the stand gives spectators clear views down to all the action on the pitch. Moreover, they can enjoy matches in comfort.

Behind the scenes, two divisions within GL events UK joined forces on key aspects of the infrastructure. This made the project relatively unique. Spaciotempo and Stadia by GL events worked together to deliver all temporary stand components to the high standard clients expect.

Both businesses worked closely with the club. For example, they provided guidance and determined the optimal layout and design to maximise all available space. The primary objective for Stadia by GL Events was to design and erect the structure to maximise seating capacity. Naturally, safety was at the forefront of all build activity. The temporary stand features seven rear openings, two front openings, and a lateral tunnel through the length of the structure.

Additionally, greater spectator access to the stand was provided through the full length of the structure via the lateral tunnel. Extra entrances were added to the front and rear for safer access, especially at well-attended games with high traffic volumes. Furthermore, signs were erected on the temporary grandstand to easily signpost supporters to their seating.

Spaciotempo temporary buildings for sport

With quick turnaround times and self expectations held to the highest standard, Spaciotempo & the stadia team were able to complete the full temporary stand build and handover in time for Exeter’s first home match of the season, with the curtain-raising event taking place vs Saracens in October.

Throughout the project, Spaciotempo provided outstanding customer service, expert advice and strong project management. Similarly, the company worked seamlessly with the club to deliver this facility on time and on budget.

The temporary stand forms part of Exeter Rugby Club’s ongoing plans to the matchday experience. Spaciotempo was proud to support this initiative and construct a stand that will serve the club well for years to come. Once the core stand structure was in place, Spaciotempo then handed over to Stadia by GL events, to install over 2,500 general admission seats.

This combined expertise and experience enabled the successful delivery of a high-capacity, high performing seating grandstand.  Importantly, this will greatly improve the matchday experience for Exeter Rugby Club fans. Indeed, Spaciotempo is delighted to have delivered a safe and sturdy temporary sports structure that supports the club’s continuing growth and improves their matchday facilities.

Owing to our versatility in the temporary building space, Spaciotempo can provide the infrastructure to support sports stadium extensions and modular grandstands during times of stadium redevelopment or even new stadium builds. If you think we could help with your next major sports project, please contact us or give us a call on 01889 569569.

Fact File

Who: Exeter Chiefs Rugby Club
Where: Sandy Park, Exeter
Size: 15m x 85m x 8m
Use: Spectator grandstand
Why: To house 2,500 spectators
Special Features: Maximises seating capacity, lateral tunnel for fan safety

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