Rondo Foods – Temporary Warehouse After a Fire


Spaciotempo came to the rescue for pet food manufacturer, Rondo Foods, when a fire destroyed 4000 square metres of their production facilities. We were able solve their storage issues with the swift and cost-effective installation of a temporary warehouse structure.


In Co. Wicklow, Ireland, Spaciotempo came to the rescue for pet food manufacturer, Rondo Foods, when fire destroyed 400 square metres of their production facilities. We responded by installing 1500 square metre of temporary warehousing in just 15 days, from enquiry to handover.

At Rondo Foods’s premises in Arklow, County Wicklow, Ireland, their warehouse caught fire and was destroyed. Rondo, which acquired local manufacturer, Gaines, in 2011 lost 4000 square metre of storage in the blaze and needed a rapid solution to their loss of storage capacity.

Spaciotempo could respond immediately to Rondo’s call. And because of our flexible in-house manufacturing and agility of in-house installation, we could complete the installation of a brand-new temporary warehouse building, just 300m away, only three weeks after the fire. The temporary building solution from Spaciotempo, provided 1500 square metre of new storage structure, all installed in just 15 days.

Stephen Smith, Technical Manager at Rondo Foods explains, “While you know that a fire can potentially happen, you never really realise the true impact until it actually happens, nor can you fully prepare for the situation. When our fire completely destroyed our cardboard storage facility our first thought was for our customers and ensuring we could deliver orders as planned so finding a solution to get us back up and running quickly was our priority.

“Spaciotempo couldn’t have been more helpful, even going that extra mile on Christmas Eve to provide me with information so we could move forward without delay! I can’t thank the Spaciotempo team enough. Fifteen days after the fire, our 1500 square foot temporary warehouse building, which we are leasing for two years, was up and working and it is business as usual while we plan for the re-build.”

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Fact File

Who: Rondo Foods
Where: Arklow, Co. Wicklow, Republic of Ireland
Size: 25m x 60m on a 4m eave
Use: Temporary warehousing
Why: Disaster recovery following a fire

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