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Emergency Temporary Building for Hire

By 18 September 2017October 30th, 2023Disaster Recovery
Emergency and Disaster Relief Buildings

Emergency Temporary Building for Hire

Crises can happen to anyone at any time and the need for temporary emergency buildings can be caused by various situations. It could be that a building becomes uninhabitable due to an environmental issue, such as the discovery of asbestos. There may be a fire. Or the heating system may break down. Whichever the reason, Spaciotempo has a range of temporary buildings for an emergency.

There could be lower level of urgency reasons for a temporary building expansion of course. For example, the need to take on more staff due to a new contract. Or maybe new storage space is needed to fulfil a large order that’s due in weeks. Whatever the case, Spaciotempo emergency temporary buildings offer the ideal swift, stable and safe solution you could be looking for.

The dual benefits of using Spaciotempo temporary emergency buildings are speed and flexibility. We can create what you need, where you need it, in a matter of weeks. Hire contracts give you the freedom to limit the amount of time you’ll be paying for a new building. When your old office or operational headquarters are restored, you won’t find yourself with a property asset that is no longer required but is still draining your finances.

Temporary buildings for an emergency

Spaciotempo, dealt with situations in the past where large retailers have had to close down their shops due to flooding or a fire. We respond immediately and our solutions have always impressed business owners and their customers alike. We shape our designs around customer’s needs, providing a space that does not look temporary and helps to deliver a professional and seamless experience. The features we have installed include lighting, air conditioning and all the latest customisations you would expect from a modern retail environment.

In the warehousing sector, market forces can create rapidly changing circumstances. An emergency can mean nowhere to store your goods, some of which may require special conditions such as chilling. Once again, we can help. Providing a next day site visit and then very quickly drawing up plans to meet the needs of your situation and constructing your temporary emergency building at a rapid pace. No contract needs to be lost due to a lack of space.

Even though our temporary buildings for an emergency are constructed quickly. They have the same high standards required of a permanent building. Anyone renting a temporary building can be assured that the structure will withstand the worst weather and also guarantee the health and safety of those who are using it.

So, if the worst does happen, call Spaciotempo. We have temporary emergency buildings for an emergency of any scale.

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