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How to maintain your temporary building

By 17 June 2016November 9th, 2023Company News

Some of Spaciotempo’s market leading temporary buildings have been in operation for as long as 25 years. That’s because they are built to last. In addition, we employ the latest technology and years of experience to give you the ultimate in durable temporary structures. There are some practical steps you can take to help your temporary building to stand the test of time.

If you have a Spaciotempo temporary building installed on your site. Then by following these general care instructions you can not only keep your personnel safe but also prolong the working life of your temporary structure.

Firstly, all maintenance including the upkeep of all doors, lights, roof pump and guttering is entirely your responsibility. That is why we want to provide you with all the necessary practical information needed to care for your structure. The following instructions are a guideline only but may help prevent difficulties occurring later down the line.

Temporary building maintenance

You should ensure that all wall panels and cladding are fully secured. This can be done by checking that there are no signs of movement and that all doors are locked shut when not in use or unattended. All gutters should be checked periodically for blockages, with any debris removed. Should a roof leak occur then please take action to protect electrical equipment in the vicinity. Regular visual inspections should be carried out. This can be done by using the checklist provided.

Structural loading

To make the most of your structural loading capabilities. We advise that nothing should be suspended from the roof of your temporary structure or any other part of the frame. No part of your temporary building or warehouse should be altered or removed either. That includes walls, poles, ropes, anchors, bracing wires and any other parts of the structure, including pins, bolts and locking clips. If you need to re-position any part of the structure, please contact Spaciotempo for advice in the first instance.

Fire safety

It is important not to store any dangerous, combustible or toxic products (like aerosols, explosives or pyrotechnics) inside the building. As with any safe working environment, exit routes should be kept clear at all times. Furthermore, while the building is occupied, fire exit doors must remain fully unlocked. Also, we would also recommend that indirect heating is used when heating your temporary building. All of these simple steps should help to uphold your fire safety.

Exterior features

Lastly, to protect the exterior features. It is important that you do not apply any graphics or signage to any surface, PVC wall, interior lining, framework or glazing. You may incur a charge if we have to remove any tape or glue residue. We also recommend that doors are kept closed and are not allowed to slam. Also, we would also prefer that you do not lean anything against a wall, either inside or outside the structure.

Therefore, follow these quick and easy care instructions and we are confident that you will enjoy many happy years of use.

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