TempAstor Quick Buildings

TempAstor is one of the UK’s leading and most well-known brands and has a pedigree dating back to 1972. Our highly experienced team is a phone call away and can assist with all aspects of specifying a quick temporary building.We will work round the clock to help in the event of a crisis and can often provide an instant building within 48 hours, thanks to our in-house stock levels, availability of experienced personnel and all the equipment required for a successful installation.

Why choose a TempAstor temporary building?


TempAstor is the ready-to-build range of off-the-shelf temporary modular buildings from Spaciotempo. Over the years, TempAstor buildings have evolved to become flexible and practical, quick-to-install solutions when an instant and effective result is required.


Our vast stocks ensure that a TempAstor building can be ordered off-the-shelf, delivered and fully installed and operational within 48 hours if required, allowing businesses and organisations to contract and expand in line with demand.

TempAstor is a great temporary storage solution


Warehousing and commercial storage are the most popular applications for our TempAstor range of quick buildings and temporary structures.Depending on the nature of the items requiring storage, an off-the-shelf TempAstor building can be hired with heating and air conditioning options to ensure the correct temperature can be maintained for the items being stored.


Due to the versatility of TempAstor buildings, they have often been used to great effect in many retail environments. From large temporary buildings for the major supermarket chains to smaller temporary garden centres in the car parks of out of town shopping areas. A TempAstor building can be installed quickly with large window panels, which are ideal for showroom environments.


TempAstor temporary buildings can be specified in sufficient sizes to accommodate transport or logistics buildings and can be gutter-linked together to ensure whole fleets can use the facility at any one time.A TempAstor quick-to-install building can also be specified along with floors, windows, temperature control and lighting to provide a public transport facility (eg. temporary railway or bus station, air terminal) in the event of permanent buildings being temporarily out of use.


A TempAstor emergency building can be ordered, delivered, installed and operational very quickly in the event of a fire, flood, storm damage or other emergency situations.A TempAstor building is a well proven solution in any emergency. We have supplied temporary warehouses, temporary structures and even a temporary supermarket for Morrisons after a fire damaged their building.

View our range of optional extras and ancillaries available with TempAstor quick buildings.

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