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Expert Temporary Building Solutions For Your Sector

Expert Temporary Building Solutions For Your Sector

Due to their inherent versatility, a temporary structure from Spaciotempo can be configured for use in any industry and we can tailor your solution to meet an exact specification. Choose from the below sector examples to find out more about the temporary building applications we’ve provided.

Warehousing & Storage


Transport & Logistics


Sports & Leisure


Public Sector


Disaster Recovery

Car Showrooms

Film & TV Studios

Garden Centre Canopies

Airport Terminals & Buildings

Cold Storage Warehouses


Reimagine Space With Spaciotempo’s Temporary Building Solutions

In an ever-changing world, your space needs to be as dynamic and flexible as your vision. At Spaciotempo, we specialise in providing temporary building solutions across a multitude of sectors. Whether it is industry, manufacturing, warehousing and storage, sport and leisure, construction, education, retail, or the public sector — our innovative temporary building solutions empower organisations to expand, adapt, and flourish. Here is how we serve each sector:

Industry and Manufacturing

Swift Scalability: Enjoy the freedom to quickly scale your manufacturing facility up or down to meet demand, without the rigidity of traditional infrastructures. Our temporary structures meet the stringent safety and compliance norms, protecting your investments and assets.

Warehousing and Storage

Just-in-Time Space Solutions: Respond to market changes with agility, with a temporary warehouse that can be deployed rapidly, anywhere in the UK. Optimise storage with a layout designed to suit your specific requirements. Our industrial tents can include temperature controls and security features.

Sport and Leisure

Extend your sport or leisure facility with a temporary structure, to maintain a vibrant and active community centre year-round.


On-Site Convenience: Set up temporary offices, storage units, or crew facilities right at your construction site, reducing downtime and increasing efficiency. Our temporary structures stand tall against the elements, offering a safe and secure space, come rain or shine.


Learning Uninterrupted: Facilitate uninterrupted learning with temporary classrooms that are set up quickly, adhering to all safety norms. A cost-effective alternative to a permanent building. Easily expand your educational institution’s infrastructure with the extra space that our prefabricated building solutions provide, to accommodate growing student numbers or new programs.


Pop-Up Shops: Launch your pop-up shop in prime locations with aesthetically pleasing and functional temporary retail spaces. Maximise seasonal sales opportunities with a modular building that is easy to set up and dismantle.

Public Sector

Emergency Response: Be it a health crisis or a natural disaster, a rapidly deployable modular building can be your ally in emergency response. Foster community engagements with temporary space that can house libraries, workshops, and more.

Key Benefits of Choosing Spaciotempo

Cost-Effective: Save on the cost of a permanent structure and enjoy competitive pricing with our temporary building solutions.

Quality Assurance: Experience a blend of quality, safety, and innovation, for semi permanent buildings that are crafted with precision and expertise.

Sustainability: Our solutions are designed with sustainability in mind, reducing your carbon footprint and promoting eco-friendliness.

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