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Temporary Cold Storage Buildings

Our Temporary Cold Storage Buildings ensure optimal conditions for your valuable inventory

With our temperature-controlled storage solutions, Spaciotempo stands out for its meticulous attention to detail and innovative building components. Our temporary cold storage buildings are engineered with efficiency in mind, incorporating industry-leading insulation materials to ensure optimal temperature regulation. Benefitting from steel-clad sandwich panels, the cold storage warehouses we provide offer unparalleled insulation, effectively safeguarding perishable goods and ambient warehousing inventory.

One of our signature features is the unique thermo roof, crafted from PVC polyester membrane envelope technology. This specialised roofing solution not only minimises heat loss or gain but also provides protection against snow accumulation.

For industries dealing with perishable goods and ambient warehousing, our temperature-controlled storage solutions provide unmatched versatility. Spaciotempo’s temporary cold storage warehouses are equipped with customisable heating and cooling systems, enabling us to create chilled environments tailored to your specific needs. Whether it’s for food and beverage storage, ready meal production, or other ambient storage requirements, our facilities guarantee precise temperature control and product integrity.

Innovative and highly-efficient Temporary & Semi-Permanent Cold Storage Buildings

Spaciotempo specialises in providing custom temporary and semi-permanent cold storage buildings to meet the changing needs of businesses operating in the food & beverage industry. Here are typical use cases showcasing the versatility of our solutions in the sector:

Streamlined operations

Our temporary chilled warehouses eliminate the need for transporting perishable goods between off-site locations, enabling ambient temperature storage businesses to centralise operations by effectively minimising the time required for perishable or frozen goods to flow between crucial stages of the supply chain.

Enhanced storage & distribution

Our temporary cold storage buildings benefit from eave heights of up to 8m that, when combined with a racking solution, enable the best use of space utilisation at height. Whatsmore, non-standard shutter doors of up to 7m wide allow for direct vehicle access and a seamless goods in/out process.

Seasonal demand surges

Spaciotempo understands the food and beverage market faces peaks in demand, such as the summer surge in fruit cultivation and demand for fresh produce in the UK, and our experience in providing rapid cold storage warehousing is unrivalled. When seasonal demands hit, businesses working with Spaciotempo are equipped with an effective temperature-controlled storage solution to seize upon opportunities for growth, whilst maintaining consumer satisfaction.

How it works: 3 steps to (Temporary) Building success

Flexible buying options

Business moves fast. So whether you’re in a period of growth or transition, or scaling up or down, we offer flexible temporary building buying options. You can lease our industrial canopies and temporary buildings from as little as 3 months, purchase outright, or take out finance.


Looking for complete ownership? Buying a temporary building or canopy provides you with the ultimate customisation options.

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Lease our temporary buildings from as little as 3 months and reap the benefits of covered space for short-term requirements.

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Spread the cost of a temporary building to maximise affordability with one of our finance partners.

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Book your no-obligation site visit for a personalised Temporary Cold Storage Warehouse Building quote

At Spaciotempo, we pride ourselves on providing a free on-site visit and drawings as standard BEFORE we issue a temporary cold storage warehouse quote to you – wherever in the UK and Ireland you are located. By physically coming to the site, we can assess ground conditions, access, gradient of the site and other issues that can affect the installation, and we can even have a conversation about planning permission requirements.

This is very important to us, as it provides you with an accurate, site-specific quote with no hidden catches or costs further down the line.

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Versatile business applications of Temporary Buildings

We offer a wide range of temporary building types and industrial canopies with customisation options, ensuring we can provide the best temporary structure solution for your business needs.

Warehousing & storage

Industrial buildings

Logistics buildings

Retail buildings

Sports structures

Education buildings

Hospitals & public sector

Construction buildings

Garden centre canopies

Emergency & disaster relief

Film & TV studios

Cold storage warehouses

Temporary workshops

Airport terminals & buildings

Car showrooms

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