Temporary Construction Buildings

Relocatable Temporary Buildings for Construction – built for practicality, and to withstand the toughest conditions

Are you involved in specification of on-site facilities as a long term solution for your client? Or are you looking for a temporary building to provide secure storage for tools, equipment or welfare facilities during the build process?

With our rapid deployment capabilities and ability to build in, around or over existing facilities, we can help businesses step up their endeavours with increased overhead space. Our temporary construction tents make the ideal support structure for contractors working on building projects all over the UK & Ireland.

Whether you need additional office space for project management, storage for offshore construction projects or somewhere to maintain and service vehicles and equipment, we can provide you with a durable, long-lasting temporary construction building that perfectly complements your schedule of works and completion deadlines.

Spaciotempo’s temporary buildings are an ideal addition to the construction site environment, offering robust, and secure temporary space which can be configured to the exact size you have available, and which can be leased for just as long as you need it.

Due to our professional approach, skillset, accreditations and stringent approach to health and safety, we have also been contracted by several tier one construction companies for the provision of temporary buildings, examples of which can be seen below.

laing o'rourke spaciotempo

Laing O’Rourke / Everton FC

To enable the continuation and progression of the stadium build, Laing O’Rourke contacted Spaciotempo with the need for a 10m x 30m x 4m, 300m2 temporary building to increase it’s warehousing and storage capabilities. Almost acting as a temporary construction building too, our facilities once again demonstrate their true versatility.

Pinewood Studios

Pinewood Studios

Leading UK film studio, Pinewood, called upon Spaciotempo to install a total of ten new temporary structures with a total size of 11,225sqm.


Port of Felixstowe

We supplied a 25m x 25m storage structure on a 5m eave, linked to five retractable tunnels, each 3m in length, providing a versatile protective environment.

Winchester College

Balfour Beatty

Balfour Beatty

As part of a wider site modernisation process, Balfour Beatty in Derby asked Spaciotempo to design a temporary industrial building which would make better use of the available space.

Bristol Airport

Bristol Airport

Spaciotempo was able to provide a temporary airport terminal building for the duration of the extension project which enabled security at the airport to maintain capacity as normal.

The flexibility of Spaciotempo’s relocatable construction buildings also means that if your project is phased, you can move your temporary building to wherever it is needed on site, in line with your work schedule.

Construction projects for maritime engineering, including oil and gas industries and renewable projects such as the construction and pre-commissioning of wind farms, require robust supporting infrastructure, suitable for coastal and offshore environments. Spaciotempo’s temporary storage buildings are ideal in unforgiving conditions thanks to their structural integrity and robust construction.

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All Spaciotempo buildings are structurally calculated for the exact environmental conditions of their site – wherever they are to be installed. This makes them a perfect storage solution for maritime engineering projects, offering secure, weather proof storage, without the risk of corrosion or wind damage.

Maintenance projects to service vehicles, equipment or structures can require a safe and protective environment. This allows workers to operate more effectively and for longer, in dry conditions and with adequate power and lighting. Spaciotempo’s versatile temporary buildings can be configured to cover the entire footprint of what is being maintained, however bespoke the size.

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In addition, Spaciotempo can also provide short term hire of additional storage buildings to house welfare facilities, plant and equipment of the duration for the project. With robust construction, all buildings are weathertight, and fully lockable giving total peace of mind during work downtime.

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