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Spaciotempo can provide Temporary Education Buildings for a range of academic use cases

A school building is an integral part of the learning environment and we understand the need for continuity and routine. Sometimes factors beyond control, such as refurbishment, building works and even fires, can cause unhelpful disruption. However, with temporary education buildings from Spaciotempo, classroom lessons and extra-curricular activies can continue unaffected during site redevelopment or the refurbishment of existing facilities.

Spaciotempo’s school and classroom buildings are available in a variety of structures, from a basic canopy for outdoor learning to fully-walled buildings with heating and air-conditioning. Our temporary buildings for education are modular and are available as either permanent or temporary structures. We can also build bespoke temporary buildings, with each solution offering the potential to be reused or redefined for further use.

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Do you require a high-specification temporary education building with glazed front doors, superior flooring and eye-level windows to create a light and airy environment that’s conducive to sitting examinations? Or perhaps something altogether more basic? Spaciotempo can create a temporary exam hall to meet any specification.

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We can even create your temporary exam hall with internal partitions to enable examinations to take place in multiple areas. In the interests of ensuring optimum exam performance, we can fit-out your temporary structure with flush-fitted, 40mm reinforced cavity walls to retain heat for an ambient and comfortable temperature. Additionally, and of maximum importance, our low-noise pumps and insulated roofing can be specified to cause minimal distraction to students.

Spaciotempo can provide temporary school buildings and temporary classrooms in a variety of modular sizes. Our temporary education structures can be anything, from a basic canopy that can provide ideal temporary shelter for forest school learning, to a fully-walled and insulated semi-permanent classroom.

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All of our temporary classroom buildings can be used either as permanent or temporary structures, with each offering the added benefit of being re-used for further use should your needs evolve. We can fit-out your temporary classroom building with heating, air-conditioning, lighting and windows for a comfortable and ambient, year-round learning environment. Our temporary learning facilities are quick to deploy, which can be particularly useful in the event of a structural crisis.

The show must go on! If you require a temporary auditorium, Spaciotempo can provide the necessary performance space. Be it for drama lessons, community groups or amateur dramatics, we can install anything from a basic temporary theatre to a high spec auditorium, complete with electrics, seating, lighting and blackout roof covers.

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If you choose a temporary education building from Spaciotempo, we can even ensure that all heating and ducting elements are specified in black to merge into the roof area to give your audience truly immersive experiences.

Whether it’s to house physical education lessons or club activities, a structure from Spaciotempo can provide you with temporary sports facilities you require. Our structures can provide unimpeded apex height of up to 13m on an 8m leg, and without cross-bracing across the eave, it makes this solution the ideal temporary building for indoor sport.

Sports Hall

University of Nottingham

Nottingham University’s requirement was for Spaciotempo to manage the installation of more than 3000 square metres of bespoke temporary sports facilities.

Trinity School

Trinity School

Spaciotempo provided emergency relief to Trinity School in Carlisle following Storm Desmond, which created devastating flooding within the area.

Bradford College

Bradford College

To meet the high demand that The Bradford Police and College Boxing Academy was experiencing, they turned to Spaciotempo to provide them with a high-tech temporary boxing gym.

Channing School

Channing School

Channing School needed a temporary structure that could be in place while the school was undergoing an £11 million development project.

Spaciotempo’s temporary sports halls are perfectly suited to turn any outside space into a fully functional indoor sports building, offering the perfect environment for both coaches and players alike, especially during winter months.

Our optional thermo roofs allow you to keep the room hot or cold, as temperature control is made easier. Thermo roofs are also translucent, allowing a large amount of natural light into our temporary sports buildings. This gives players a more natural environment when taking part in sport, especially during daylight hours, as well as reducing running costs and energy consumption.

Insulated UPVC walling can also help to improve temperature control. This type of walling retains heat, allowing the optimum temperature for any sports environment. Either house lighting or specialist lighting can be used in the modular sports building, depending on individual requirements.

Training that takes place in practical workshops is often unsuitable for traditional classroom environments and with re-training programmes high on the government’s agenda, many schools and colleges are expected to need additional space to house temporary workshops to train the next generation of apprentices.

NSCG Newcastle College

Spaciotempo installed a dynamic workshop for Newcastle-under-Lyme College as a solution to their need for additional teaching space.

Whether you’re an educational institution offering practical training or you need additional space to house repair work and on-going maintenance, a temporary workshop from Spaciotempo could be your perfect solution. Our buildings are modular, but we have the ability to install temporary workshops in custom sizes and with bespoke fit-outs to cater to your exact requirements.

Spaciotempo temporary swimming pool buildings are built to provide the optimum environment for swimmers. Our temporary swimming pools are fully customisable, with an array of bespoke features including changing rooms, specialist non-slip flooring, lighting, heating and ventilation systems, high-profile windows and secure lockable doors.

Total Swimming

Total Swimming

The temporary swimming pool building linked directly into the sports hall, seamlessly joining the two facilities. It only took four-and-a-half months!

Mary Hare

Mary Hare School

Spaciotempo provided a 28m x 15m bespoke temporary building solution to house a swimming pool for Mary Hare School.

We have a variety of buildings available, from a basic temporary swimming pool canopy intended for outdoor use, through to a fully walled structure, allowing you to choose the building most suitable for you. For customers opting for a full pool fit-out, we can design your entire layout including reception area, entrance ramps and office space – as well as exterior and interior signage and wayfinding.

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Our innovative facilities for education white paper also provides an insight into the provision of additional space for sporting and academic facilities. It also features information on the unique leasing options that are available to educational organisations.

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