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Temporary Film & TV Studios

Explore Spaciotempo's versatile Temporary Film & TV studios, from on-location filming sets to studio & storage expansions

With rapid assembly, customisable features, and the flexibility to relocate, our temporary tv & film studios cater to the fast-paced demands of the industry. Whether you require a temporary film set, a versatile television studio, or an adaptable production facility, Spaciotempo delivers.

Providing infrastructure for a versatile range of applications, our temporary studios cover every possible need. From sound stages and temporary production set buildings to warehousing for prop & filming equipment storage, we work to the highest possible standards and have the expertise to provide for all your temporary and semi-permanent broadcasting requirements.

We install cost-effective and customisable Temporary and Semi-Permanent Film & TV Studios

The film and television industry often seek temporary or semi-permanent solutions to accommodate their dynamic production needs. At Spaciotempo, we excel in swiftly delivering customised temporary and semi-permanent film and TV studios tailored to any specific application and duration required by production companies. Here are some prevalent use cases illustrating the versatility of our solutions:

Meeting production deadlines made easy

Spaciotempo offers cost-effective and time-efficient solutions for temporary broadcasting studios, temporary TV studios, and temporary film studios. Ideal for production teams needing on-site facilities like make-up departments, changing rooms, break areas, and canteens, our structures are tailored to enhance your workflow. In the fast-paced world of broadcasting and production, these additional support buildings are essential to keeping schedules on track.

Custom production spaces

At Spaciotempo, we understand that film sets and TV studios often have unique size requirements. Our expertise lies in delivering bespoke solutions perfectly tailored to match these needs. Whether you require non-standard sized spaces for temporary film sets, broadcasting studios, or sound studios, our in-house manufacturing capabilities ensure seamless alignment with your project’s demands.

Secure equipment storage

Film and TV companies rely heavily on expensive equipment, which necessitates secure on-site storage solutions. Our high-grade aluminum and steel temporary storage buildings offer unparalleled durability, engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions. With large amounts of valuable equipment at stake, ensuring a safe and secure storage location is paramount. Spaciotempo provides secure temporary warehousing for prop and filming equipment storage, delivering peace of mind for your production needs. Read about our delivery of multiple temporary production storage buildings for Pinewood Studios.

How it works: 3 steps to (Temporary) Building success

Flexible payment options

Business moves fast. So whether you’re in a period of growth or transition, or scaling up or down, we offer flexible temporary building buying options. You can lease our industrial canopies and temporary buildings from as little as 3 months, purchase outright, or take out finance.


Looking for complete ownership? Buying a temporary building or canopy provides you with the ultimate customisation options.

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Lease our temporary buildings from as little as 3 months and reap the benefits of covered space for short-term requirements.

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Spread the cost of a temporary building to maximise affordability with one of our finance partners.

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Book your no-obligation site visit for a personalised Temporary Film & TV Studios quote

At Spaciotempo, we pride ourselves on providing a free on-site visit and drawings as standard BEFORE we issue a temporary warehouse or storage building quote to you – wherever in the UK and Ireland you are located. By physically coming to the site, we can assess ground conditions, access, gradient of the site and other issues that can affect the installation, and we can even have a conversation about planning permission requirements.

This is very important to us, as it provides you with an accurate, site-specific quote with no hidden catches or costs further down the line.

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Versatile business applications of Temporary Buildings

We offer a wide range of temporary building types and industrial canopies with customisation options, ensuring we can provide the best temporary structure solution for your business needs.

Warehousing & storage

Industrial buildings

Logistics buildings

Retail buildings

Sports structures

Education buildings

Hospitals & public sector

Construction buildings

Garden centre canopies

Emergency & disaster relief

Film & TV studios

Cold storage warehouses

Temporary workshops

Airport terminals & buildings

Car showrooms

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