Temporary Warehousing & Storage Buildings

Our temporary buildings offer flexible, scalable solutions for your warehousing and storage requirements

Whether you need short or long-term storage and warehousing, our temporary storage buildings are a cost-effective alternative to traditional extensions and off-site storage. Semi permanent warehouses and temporary storage buildings can also reduce your overheads, which can give your business a greener footprint.

Available in a range of sizes, our temporary warehouse and storage buildings can be customised to the requirements of your business, making them suitable for a huge variety of sectors and purposes, including…

Whether you need a temporary structure to house goods and equipment, or a large temporary warehouse for items awaiting dispatch, our industrial storage buildings are a quick and cost-effective solution to the evolving warehousing needs of your business.

laing o'rourke spaciotempo

Laing O’Rourke / Everton FC

To enable the continuation and progression of the stadium build, Laing O’Rourke contacted Spaciotempo with the need for a 10m x 30m x 4m, 300m2 temporary building to increase it’s warehousing and storage capabilities. Almost acting as a temporary construction building too, our facilities once again demonstrate their true versatility.

Inspired Pet Nutrition

Spaciotempo installed a storage warehouse for Inspired Pet Nutrition, their first 40m clearspan temporary building solution

Marston’s Brewery

As business grew, Marston’s Brewery approached Spaciotempo to design a temporary warehouse building which would protect and secure their stock.


Purity Soft Drinks

We helped Purity Soft Drinks future proof their business and expand their facilities by installing the widest and tallest Neivalu structure we offer.



To give them the storage they needed to match increased production, Husqvarna UK turned to Spaciotempo. We installed their 85m by 12m temporary structure in a matter of weeks.


Greenvale AP

We supplied Greenvale AP in Duns with the first Oxygen Temporary Building in the UK, when they needed extra on site storage.

Our semi permanent building solutions are 100% secure. Thanks to a range of insulation options and blackout roofs, they are suitable for the storage of a wide range of items, including fresh ingredients and chilled raw materials.

All temporary buildings within our Neivalu & Oxygen ranges offer a clear and open span, allowing for pallet storage at height or installation of racking, ensuring the best use of space – right up to the apex!

If your business needs to store consignments of stock whilst they wait to be loaded onto transport, or should you need a permanent facility to house orders awaiting picking and distribution, Spaciotempo’s temporary warehouses are an ideal solution.

Our temporary warehouses and storage buildings can be seamlessly linked to existing facilities or loading bays or can be installed as a standalone structure. Quick to build and requiring no groundworks, our modular buildings can be installed wherever the need arrives, thus making them ideal for reverse logistics operations or on-demand warehousing.


Port of Felixstowe

We supplied a 25m x 25m storage structure on a 5m eave, linked to five retractable tunnels, each 3m in length, providing a versatile protective environment.

Thompson Aero Seating

Thompson Aero Seating

Manufactures of premium airline seating, Thompson Aero Seating came to Spaciotempo when their business was expanding. We provided them with a 30m by 60m temporary storage building, giving them 1800sqm of extra storage space.

Kuehne & Nagel

Kuehne & Nagel

When Kuehne & Nagel needed access to additional onsite storage to meet predicted peaks in supply and demand throughout the year they approached Spaciotempo.

Exeter Airport

Exeter Airport

Exeter Airport turned to Spaciotempo to provide a bespoke loading canopy for a postal service provider operating at the Airport.

As a busy retailer, your stock levels may fluctuate throughout the year. A temporary building can serve as an on-site storage structure, which can allow you to keep pace with seasonal peaks in demand, and without having to invest in permanent and costly additional facilities.

The flexibility of a temporary warehouse means you can ramp up your space when you need it and off-hire when you don’t. Plus, with the ability to link your temporary warehouse building directly to your existing facility, stock items are easily accessible – saving you time and money.

Montague Jenuese

Montague Jenuese

Global retailer Montagne Jeunesse contacted Spaciotempo requiring a temporary building that was secure and dry for their stock. We provided them with a 10m by 20m temporary warehouse on a 4m eave.

Spaciotempo use efficient insulation materials, such as steel-clad sandwich panels, meaning that your temporary building is insulated effectively. Another option is our unique thermo roof, which is a PVC polyester membrane envelope. This solution reduces heat loss or gain, and protects against the accumulation of snow, which is useful in cooler locations.

Along with heating options, Spaciotempo can also fit cooling systems in temporary warehouses. Therefore, we can provide chilled environments which are suitable for storage of food and beverages, ready meal production and other ambient storage requirements. These systems are able to chill your temporary building down to a constant temperature of 5°C, enabling you to hold fresh produce without it perishing.

Oakland International

To give them the storage they needed to match increased production, Husqvarna UK turned to Spaciotempo. We installed their 85m by 12m temporary structure in a matter of weeks.

DCS Cold Storage

As part of a wider site modernisation process, Balfour Beatty in Derby asked Spaciotempo to design a temporary industrial building which would make better use of the available space.

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