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Spaciotempo car showroom design ideas

By 25 August 2017March 3rd, 2023Automotive

Spaciotempo car showroom design ideas

The design of a car showroom is an extremely important factor when it comes to showcasing cars and influencing a customer’s decision to buy. Here, Spaciotempo discuss the potential ways of designing a temporary car showroom, with the aim of enticing users to make a purchase.

Car showroom design concept

There are a number of considerations to bear in mind when you are designing a temporary car showroom. While you want to showcase the cars in the best way, you also want to make sure that your venture is cost efficient. Some of the main considerations when it comes to your car showroom design ideas include:

  • Lighting
    Lighting is arguably one of the most important investments when designing a car showroom. Natural light is cost efficient and effectively enhances the style, colour and features of each model. Bright, indoor LED showroom lighting can also further enhance the features of the cars, offering customers an enriched buying experience. For this reason, many car showroom designs utilise direct and indirect, point-shaped and wide-area lighting, coupled with a bright colour temperature.
  • Space
    Making sure your customers have enough room to look around individual cars is important. For this reason, dealerships must be creative and maximise the available space. All customers need to be able to get around and have a good look at all the cars on display. It may be off-putting if this isn’t possible, which is why a minimalist design is recommended. If you are struggling for space in your showroom, hiring a temporary car showroom can give you the extra space you require.
  • Keep with the brand
    It is important for any dealership that they stick with their recognised branding, in order to be identifiable to customers. This means all colour schemes must match the colours within the brand as a whole, keeping within the suggested maximum of three colours.
  • Open Plan
    Having an open plan sales office connotes honesty within a business and shows there is nothing to hide. From their original viewing of the models to the final purchase and servicing, an open plan showroom indicates complete transparency throughout the whole process. This can also be hugely beneficial to the car showroom design as it creates the illusion of a more spacious area.
  • Colour
    Try to ensure your car showroom is not just white. The showroom should utilise colours, depending on the brand. Fitting in line with the brand of the car showroom, varying colours will create an emotional connection for the customer.
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Customer Case Study: Hatfield Audi

When Hatfield Audi decided to refurbish their permanent car showroom, they required a quick, flexible solution, so approached Spaciotempo. We provided them with a 10m x 20m on a 4.2m eave temporary car showroom, on hire for 6 months. Read more here.

Spaciotempo provide temporary car showroom facilities available for hire for either a short or long period of time. As temporary structure experts, we create bespoke, temporary retail buildings to suit your business requirements. Contact us today through our customer contact form.

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