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Spaciotempo gift donations canopy to The ReUsers as part of Commonwealth Games 2022 social enterprise initiative

By 1 August 2022August 25th, 2022Company News, Manufacturing, Canopies, Construction

Spaciotempo are delighted to be part of the GL events group who were Official Overlay Supporters to the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. We  delivered infrastructure to the games that included security buildings and other behind the scenes supporting structures.

Aside from delivering a very successful games, we are proud to be part of a team that is committed to ensuring a meaningful and long-lasting legacy from our delivery at Birmingham 2022. Part of this legacy includes being involved in a number of social enterprise projects around the city and surrounding areas that aims to promote environmental sustainability, community benefit and encourage a circular local economy.

One such project that we proudly delivered as part of the initiative was the installation of a donation station canopy for The ReUsers, a second-hand shop in Sutton Coldfield that provides employment opportunities to those who simply need a supportive employer to give them a chance in a working environment and in life. They themselves are part of the Jericho Foundation, a non-profit organisation with the exact same ethos.

For a long time, The ReUsers had managed without any kind of shelter over their donations hub, the most essential part of their whole process in order for them to keep the social enterprise going.

In extreme weather conditions – be it beating down sunshine or pouring rain – ReUse Supervisor Nick Collins, who primarily works on the donations centre, said it has had a detrimental effect. He said “When it’s raining heavily we do see a decrease in footfall and people coming to bring donations, but with the new canopy it’ll also help to protect the staff and goods too, and give us an extra working area to be able to sort through our donations properly”

Spaciotempo got to work on a bespoke 4.6m wide x 3.2m high x 4.5m length loading and unloading canopy linked to The ReUsers existing donations entrance and had the structure ready to go in just 2 days. Three sides of the canopy are completely enclosed leaving only the entrance open sided, creating a brand-new space for fresh deliveries to come in and be sorted.

This will make an instant impact and help to protect doners and staff alike from the great British weather all year round, but especially during the Winter months.

Nick’s colleague, Tom Shaw, added “It’s a lifesaver. Whenever it was wet, everything got soaked, ourselves included, and we’d have to quickly rush all goods inside. Now we simply don’t have that problem.”

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