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Temporary Building Buying Options

Flexible choices

All requirements are different, which is why we offer the choice to hire or purchase our temporary buildings. Our temporary buildings are available on short term rental, with the option to hire from as little as 3 months. Alternatively, we provide the choice to purchase, either outright or on finance. These flexibile options allow your business to buy a temporary structure using the most affordable means.

Lease from just 3 months

If you don’t need to commit to an outright purchase or simply require a short-term solution, our temporary buildings can be hired from as little as 3 months. So if you’re interested in leasing one of our temporary buildings, contact us today.

If you require immediate storage for periods of less than 3 months, we have a long-standing partnership with Storage Structures, who offer flexible hire on short-term solutions.

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spaciotempo allows you to finance, hire or buy temporary buildings

Own your solution outright

A common option, especially if you’re looking to buy temporary buildings in non-standard sizing. Buying a semi permanent building outright provides complete ownership of the solution and all associated interiors. So if you’re thinking of purchasing a temporary building, get in touch for a quote.

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spaciotempo allows you to finance, hire or buy temporary buildings

Spread the cost

Depending on its size, purchasing a temporary building may require significant outlay. Therefore, subject to approval with our finance partners, it may be possible to spread the cost of a temporary building to maximise affordability.

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Working on behalf of an academic institution?
Spaciotempo work with a specific education finance provider. To submit an enquiry to buy temporary buildings on finance for your school or college, click here.

finance, lease or buy temporary buildings
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Whether you intend to lease, purchase or finance your solution, our quote builder is the simplest way to start your project.