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Maintenance Solutions for Our Temporary Structures

Aftercare and maintenance

At Spaciotempo, our job isn’t done just because your temporary building is in the ground. We offer a host of aftercare options, such as an annual MOT service, to prolong the lifespan of your temporary structure for years to come. As our semi permanent buildings are modular in design, we can even help to expand or completely relocate it to a new site!

If you’d like to discuss your options, or have damages to report, please complete the form below in as much detail as possible and feel free to upload photos to help our Aftersales Team prepare an accurate quote for the temporary building maintenance works required.

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    The importance of temporary building maintenance

    In a rapidly evolving business landscape, ensuring temporary building maintenance is of paramount importance for a myriad of reasons. First and foremost, meticulous maintenance safeguards the structural integrity of Spaciotempo temporary buildings, bolstering their ability to withstand adverse environmental conditions and thus prolonging their lifespan.

    Equally, regular upkeep of a temporary building acts as a preventative measure, mitigating the risks of potential costly repairs in the future, to ensure the safety and wellbeing of occupants.

    Therefore, embracing temporary building maintenance not only stands as a testament to an organisation’s commitment to safety, but equally serves as a bedrock for business continuity. This helps to provide an unbroken chain of operational efficiency, facilitating unrestrained growth in a safe and secure environment.